The nominations for the 2020 BROSCARS have been revealed, with 20 trophies up for grabs at the star-studded ceremony at the end of February. This year’s categories reflect a diverse range of talents, recognising great performances, effects and teams from our last four shows: A Class Act, High Society, Sister Act and Sweeney Todd.

Take a look at the nominees below – a huge congratulations to all of them – and keep an eye on your inboxes for instructions on how to cast your vote!

The BROSCARS 2020 nominees

Best Special Effect 
(for someone who effected a technical, make-up, costume or other transformation)

  • Andy Yeates and Ian Nethersell for the projections throughout A Class Act, which proved very effective at changing scene, time frame and the mood of each scene
  • Jacqueline Campbell for the double costume made for Darren Moss as Sweaty Eddie, allowing him to go from policeman to Elvis and back to policeman in Sister Act
  • Wesley Henderson-Roe and Mike Bradbury for transforming a cathedral into a throbbing disco for the finale of Sister Act
  • Jacqueline Campbell and Matthew Madeley for turning Mathew into a drag Deloris double in Sister Act
  • Zoe Harvey-Lee and Faye Brann for a costume, wig and make-up rendering Faye almost unrecognisable as the Beggar Woman in Sweeney Todd

Best Action Scene 
(for a person who set a memorable scene of onstage activity)

  • Deb McDowell for the trellis scene in High Society, setting action in the garden in a simple but very effective way on the Richmond stage
  • Siân Bowles-Bevan for the vastly complicated chase scene in Sister Act, especially Deb McDowell being held aloft while charging holding a sceptre
  • Paul Turnbull and Zoe Harvey-Lee for the ‘Bedlam’ Scene in Sweeney Todd with the use of veils to depict the lunatics taking over the asylum
  • Paul Turnbull for the demise of Mrs Lovett down the trap door in Sweeney Todd

Beyond the Call of Duty
(for someone who on one or more occasions really went the extra mile)

  • Jacqui Grebot for doing the massive job of props for High Society, including washing up all those coupes, making eggs and cucumber sandwiches and then coming back for more in Sweeney Todd
  • Jennifer Moorhead for masterminding the fabulous and extremely professional High Society promo video, integral in helping us sell those last-minute tickets
  • Laura Crowley as Dance Captain in Sweeney Todd, for putting the cast through their paces at extra run-throughs and making sure all sisters had the confidence to nail it on the night
  • Nik Luker for going above and beyond to give extra support in singing and individual practises during Sweeney Todd
  • Faye Brann for her excellent work on social media to sell the last two shows

Most Villainous Bad Guy/Bad Gal 
(for the actor/s who portrayed the utmost depravity)

  • John Paul Sutherland for his effective characterisation as Curtis in Sister Act, immediately getting the audience booing
  • James Turnbull, Paul Nicholas Dyke and Sebastian Roughley as Joey, TJ and Pablo, the beautifully hopeless henchmen of Curtis in Sister Act
  • Nigel Cole for his frankly disturbing but truly committed portrayal of the lustful Judge Turpin in Sweeney Todd
  • Darren Moss as the oily and revolting Beadle Bamford in Sweeney Todd

Biggest Diva 

  • Heather Stockwell for a film-star performance as Tracy Lord in High Society, knowing the character inside out and absolutely owning the stage
  • Aggie Holland for taking the company to heaven at the Minack with a truly fabulous and focussed performance as Deloris in Sister Act
  • Katy Jackson for a wonderfully committed performance as Sister Mary Patrick in Sister Act
  • Tracy Sorgiovanni as Sister Mary Robert in Sister Act, whose solo ‘The Life I Never Led’ was a simply sublime example of story-telling

Super Trouper
(for someone who goes out of their way to volunteer for lots of different projects)

  • Andy Yeates as hard working committee member, actor and director, in this season delivering the rare gem A Class Act
  • Darren Moss for always being there for BROS; as Assistant Director on A Class Act, acting in the rest of the shows, working on social media and website and serving on committee
  • Sarah Perkins – a real all-rounder who reads in at auditions, stands in on stage and stepped up to the role of Production Manager for High Society
  • Rachel Williams who participates as a performer, committee member and also opens her house for very welcome after-rehearsal parties!

Best Double Act 
(for a pair who, either on stage or off, were a true double whammy) 

  • Chris Morris and Tracy Sorgiovanni as Ed Kleban and Sophie Callan in A Class Act, tearing the audience apart as their relationship was destroyed
  • Alice Bonney and Rebecca Nardin as the outstanding Dinahs in High Society, hardworking, professional and a delight to perform with
  • Bex Wood and Jacob Botha as Liz Imbrie and Mike Connor for great playful chemistry and a wonderful performance of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ in High Society
  • Mathew Madeley and Jonny Buckley as the hilariously camp altar boys with barometer in Sister Act
  • Nigel Cole and Darren Morris as evil duo Judge Turpin and Beadle Bamford in Sweeney, displaying villainous rapport to the core

Most Improved Male Dancer 
(for a gentleman who has displayed visible development in the dance arena)

  • Carl Smith as Lehman Engel, holding his own as part of the ‘Chorus Line’ in A Class Act, as well as Charleston-ing magnificently as Uncle Willie in High Society
  • Greg Smith as a nonchalantly suave turn as party guest in High Society
  • Jonny Buckley as ensemble member in High Society and Sister Act – simply a joy to dance with
  • John Paul Sutherland for unleashing his inner Travolta as Curtis in Sister Act
  • Darren Moss for his excellent moves and strip-tease as Sweaty Eddie in Sister Act

Creative Visionary
(for outstanding work in costume/lighting/design etc)

  • Ed Pagett for the lighting design in A Class Act, which provided exactly the right atmosphere and mood for every scene
  • Jacqueline Campbell for the costumes in Sister Act – endless nun changes and 70s style made this show truly fabulous, baby!
  • Mike Bradbury for lighting design of Sister Act with special mention going to the rainbow lighting which created an authentic disco on the rocks!
  • Paul Turnbull for his artistic vision for Sweeney Todd, moving away from a traditional Victorian setting and instead placing the piece in an urban mix of contemporary and vintage style
  • Zoe Harvey-Lee for her fresh perspective for the Sweeney Todd costumes, every one highly detailed and tailored perfectly to the artistic vision

Most Memorable Cameo 
(for distinguished playing of a bit-part)

  • Jonathan Warriss-Simmons as Marvin Hamlisch in A Class Act – only on stage for a very short amount of time but he established the character perfectly
  • Alan Titchmarsh, Wes Henderson Roe, Bob Salter and Will Brooks for adding real gravitas to the proceedings as guest Popes in Sister Act (plus honorary mention to Carl Smith as rehearsal Pope)
  • Caroline Hayes for her authentic Northern Irish accent and motherly demeanour as Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours in Sister Act
  • Mathew Madeley for his memorable drag-queen turn as Deloris’ double in High Society
  • Jonny Buckley for what was simply a charming performance as the bird-seller in Sweeney Todd

Scene-Stealer Extraordinaire 
(for a person who shamelessly commanded the audience’s attention away from the main action)

  • Liam Rouse as Michael Bennett in A Class Act, for a high kick that defied gravity
  • John Paul Sutherland for ‘all the faces’ as the singing servant Arthur in High Society
  • Clair Jardella, milking it as the feisty ancient nun Sister Mary Theresa in Sister Act
  • Sandra Mortimer for keeping everyone in stitches as a drunk tramp in Sister Act

Behind the Scenes Hero
(for an outstanding crew member)

  • Ian Nethersell for stage management of A Class Act, always giving full dedication  to the task at hand
  • Stuart Vaughan for his work on every show, going above and beyond to make us sound amazing every time
  • Jo Epps, always a joy to have backstage, fitting radio-mics with patience and good humour
  • Anne Pringle for her patience and tenacity in managing the multiple props for Sister Act
  • Meg Hird for her calm approach to emergency management, displaying some great first aid skills on Sweeney Todd

Fabulous Newcomer
(for someone who has joined within the last 2 years and got totally stuck in)

  • Chris Nash who having joined for A Class Act, also performed in High Society and Sweeney Todd, as well as taking on Glee Club and BROSCARS MD duties
  • Paul Nicholas Dyke who came in as last-minute dancing man for High Society and has taken our publicity images, worked on marketing, held dance workshops and is now directing our next show
  • Siân Bowles-Bevan who joined BROS to direct, choreograph and production manage Sister Act, and is now treading the boards herself in the next show
  • Chiara Beebe whose first show was Sister Act, for performing in several shows and has now become part of the Marketing Committee

Cheesiest Love Scene 
(for the actor/s who portrayed the most memorable passionate moment)

  • Carl Smith and Bex Wood as Uncle Willie and Liz Imbrie for their duet ‘I’m getting myself ready for you’ in High Society – a great example of unrequited attraction!
  • Heather Stockwell and Nick Moorhead as Tracy Lord and CK Dexter Haven for creating a classic Hollywood fairy-tale ending in the High Society finale
  • Darren Moss and Aggie Holland as Eddie Souther and Deloris Van Cartier for an adorably awkward coupling in Sister Act who kept the audience rooting for them
  • Jonathan Warriss-Simmons and Georgina Skinner as Anthony and Johanna for showing believable chemistry throughout all the kissing in Sweeney Todd

Best ‘Saved’ Moment 
(for someone who ‘saved the day’, onstage or off)

  • Faye Brann for sourcing the purple pants to spare the blushes of the showgirls in High Society
  • Bex Wood as Liz Imbrie for her ‘thighs of steel’ and core muscles when the leg fell off the chaise longue in High Society. Together with Jacob Botha as Mike, she kept calm and carried on, keeping it upright whilst singing and acting!
  • Alan Titchmarsh for getting rid of an enormous beetle in the Minack dressing room at Sister Act

Dressing Room Helper 
(for someone who displayed invaluable assistance while dressing, doing make-up or hair)

  • Terrie Cresswell for always being there to help with quick fixes and changing in High Society
  • Louise Ellard-Turnbull for the stylish sourcing of wigs for High Society and Sister Act, and keeping them looking good throughout Show Weeks!
  • Julie Coveney for managing Miss Holland’s multiple fast costume changes during performances of Sister Act
  • Kerry Magee for getting Darren into his dance costume in Sister Act with calmness and patience!
  • Zoe Harvey-Lee for numerous fixings of the Sweeney Todd costumes

Best One-Liner from an Ensemble Member 
(for a memorable and unexpected performance)

  • Chris Nash as Jean Claude Chevray in A Class Act for “I have heard so much about you” in a French accent
  • Chris Nash as a Singing Servant in High Society for “Jeeves is no longer with us”
  • Caroline Hayes as Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours for all “the mountains and the cheese in the valleys” in Sister Act
  • Mathew Madeley as the cab driver in Sister Act for “But you just described every woman in Philadelphia!”
  • Charlie Roundell-Greene for “Mr Fogg’s Asylum – I wouldn’t go in there if I were you” in Sweeney Todd

Most Unforgettable Musical Number 
(for the team who produced a number that sticks in your memory)

  • Gita Singham-Willis and team for ‘Gauguin’s Shoes’ in A Class Act
  • Jennifer Moorhead and team for ‘Let’s Misbehave’ in High Society
  • Siân Bowles-Bevan and team for ‘Raise your Voice’ in Sister Act
  • Siân Bowles-Bevan and team for ‘Spread the Love Around’ in Sister Act
  • Edz Barrett and team for The Ballad of Sweeney Todd in Sweeney Todd

Biggest Ham 
(for someone who knowingly overacts their ass off)

  • Chris Nash for a memorable turn as as the music producer Goddard Lieberson in A Class Act
  • Heather Stockwell as Tracy Lord with Alice Bonney and Rebecca Nardin as the Dinahs for the hilariously over-the-top ‘I love Paris’ scene in High Society
  • Singing servants Louise Ellard-Turnbull, Aggie Holland, Georgina Skinner, Karen Swift, Arran Southern, Mathew Madeley, Chris Nash and John Paul Sutherland, acting with their eyes throughout High Society!
  • Katy Jackson as Sister Mary Patrick in Sister Act, especially her top note in ‘Raise your Voice’ in Sister Act
  • Chris Morris the reporter in Sister Act, with a frankly hysterical wig

The Old Timer Award
(for a long-standing member who has contributed much throughout their BROS career)

  • Deb and Janet

The sisters are not known to do anything by halves, and their BROS careers have involved playing lead roles at all our main venues, as well as directing (Deb) and MD’ing (Janet). During their many years with the company Janet and Deb have both sat on Committee (Deb as Co-Chair for a year) and have offered their homes and workplaces to the comp any for rehearsals and fund raising events.  Excellent team players, always supportive of others, they are a great double act, and have worked as a team on so many shows that it seemed only right to nominate them together.

  • Will Brooks

Will has been an active member of BROS for many years.  He has been a staunch supporter of every show and of his BROS friends who are in shows with other companies.  He never misses a Richmond or Minack extravaganza and has appeared in a number of cameo roles over the years, most recently as a Pope in Sister Act. In real life Will can be found in the dark world of accountancy. He has often acted as advisor to BROS on things corporate and was particularly pleased to be cast as a dusty old accountant in The Producers in 2016.

  • Andy Yeates

Actor, director, committee member and now President, Andy has been a member of BROS since the 1980s.  Whilst on Committee he has been purveyor of sage legal advice. On stage Andy has appeared in some 30 productions in roles as diverse as Emcee in Cabaret and Noah Claypole in Oliver! As a director Andy is never afraid to push boundaries and has helped BROS become recognised as the house of innovation it is by his choice of shows including When Midnight Strikes and A Class Act.

  • Lizzie Brignall

Lizzie, a BROS member of some 20+ years has appeared in at least a show for each of those years, taking lead roles at Minack and Richmond Theatre as well as appearing in a variety of supporting and ensemble roles. She has been the company’s social secretary on a number of occasions and as such has been responsible for some very memorable nights out – and many nights out that no one can remember! Always quick to volunteer to help out when someone needs a hand, Lizzie’s real claim to fame has to be her annual starring role at the Christmas party.  Can anyone hear sleighbells ringing…?

  • Bryan Cardus

A previous winner of our BROSCARS’ Diva award (there are those who think he should be nominated every year for this!), Bryan joined BROS to play Fred Graham in Kiss Me Kate, back in the 1990s. Since then his BROS CV has read as a wish list of dream male roles in musical theatre.   Bryan’s ticket selling capability is legendary.  Whether in a lead, supporting or ensemble role he puts his money where his mouth is and ensures he sells out the equivalent of at least one performance on his own.  He has been a proactive Committee member, to include spending a year as Co-Chair.