Hi all, 

As expected, there have been changes to government guidance as they attempt to balance economic sacrifices with best outcomes for public health. As we explained at the presentation, this is the context within which this production will have to exist  and we can expect many more twists and changes on our journey. ‘Rule of 6’ restrictions will have an impact on the way we manage rehearsals and much depends on how our venues respond.  Current advice does NOT rule out the possibility of our being able to make a show. Even if the restrictions remain this tight for 6 months, we can still see ways of preparing as much as possible in small groups, and using virtual means, to be ready for a more intense period of rehearsal from March onwards where we would hope to put the bigger pieces together. It is worth considering this potential situation. 

Auditions Update: 

We still intend to run live auditions at the Barn Church on the 3rd and 4thof October as planned. This may seem somewhat previous but cast members will need to be securing accommodation and we already know Cornwall is getting pretty booked up for next year already. We will be strictly adhering to the rule of six in the building at any time. The venue will be well ventilated and, in keeping with the procedures you have probably experienced at ‘rule of 6 compliant’ restaurants, we will take the temperatures of everyone entering the building and require hand sanitisers to be used on entry and exit. We also ask not to ‘mingle’ with others outside the building, but to wait separately or in your vehicles until your time slot when Lottie will let you in.  

The panel will be the 3 key creatives who will all be masked or wearing visors and socially distanced from each other. There will be a maximum of 2 auditionees in the room with the panel at any given moment with the potential to include a ‘reader-in’. Your singing audition will be accompanied by the existing backing tracks. We will aim to stick closely to the times allotted to minimise inconvenience. 

However, under the circumstances, we are prepared to accept self-tapes in lieu of live auditions, but please do let us know that this is your intention by Monday 28th so we can schedule the weekend effectively for everyone else. We will then also provide self-tape advice and details of where to DropBox your audition tapes. All self-tapes must be submitted by 10 am on Saturday 3rd October. 

Live auditions will be filmed so that all auditions can be shared with a committee member and an independent observer, to ensure fair play in the usual way. 

Although our determination to proceed in the current circumstances may seem to some to be questionable, we are going to continue to travel hopefully as there is plenty of time for the situation to change and still a very real possibility that we will be able to perform next May in the unique circumstances the Minack Theatre offers. 

We are not deluded, but we do remain positive and enthusiastic. As we said at the presentation, if we ultimately can’t perform our show, it’s still a fabulous place to spend a holiday week in the company of friends and family. 

You may feel strongly that this kind of uncertainty is something you would rather live without, and we totally understand there will be second thoughts about jumping onto this particular roller-coaster ride. If you are worried about health risks to yourself or others in your household, please do let us know, but again, we totally understand this may make you less confident about being part of the project and now maybe the time to back away. Please be reassured that the current Government guidelines place more restrictions on the kind of activity that we propose, than they do on an individual’s ability to travel on public transport, or go to pubs, restaurants, offices and shops or share their homes with young adults who will be mixing in bubbles of 100+ at school everyday but you must do what is best for your circumstances.

All our venues will be working on developing risk assessments to enable them to stay open safely as they react to each twist and turn and in fact, their ability to offer us places to rehearse, even in our various bubbles of six remains central to our process. We hope there will be more reassurance for them in the longer term than currently exists and that we will make progress as a country in our efforts to manage the pandemic. 

So, until the next Government announcement…

Lots of love from the Kipps Production Team