Diego Avila (Director/Choreographer) and James Hall (Musical Director) will be running a vocal and movement/dance workshop on Sunday the 23rd of July, from 12 to 4pm for Miller Plays the Musicals. This will be a great opportunity for you to find out the full list of numbers we will be performing, and for us to gather the extent of interest and level of expertise of all those wishing to participate. Please email millerplaysthemusicals@brostc.org for more information and to book your place on the workshop so that we start to get an idea of numbers and people we expect to come along.

We are looking for a small ensemble of performers, a mix of singers who can move competently and dancers who can sing harmonically. Due to the space constraints we will be working with (mainly a large swing band occupying most of the stage), we will only be able to work with a limited number of performers. We do appreciate that this limits us importantly in terms of how many people we can cast and hope not to have to disappoint too many of those interested. We expect to be able to make a casting decision by the end of the workshop.

The rehearsal period for Miller Plays the Musicals will run through August and September. We don’t expect to have to schedule more than one rehearsal a week, and this session will be on a weekend (either a Saturday or a Sunday, depending on other show commitments).

We appreciate that summer holidays may have already been booked. However, the fact that we are going to be working with a small team of performers means we will have a better chance of tailoring the rehearsal process to suit most peoples’ needs and previously booked engagements.

The rehearsal venue for Miller Plays the Musicals is yet to be confirmed, however we expect to be able to make use of BROS’ existing venues, and this may include use of The Dance Attic studios in Fulham.

When: Sunday 23rd July 12-4

Where: The Barn Church Hall, Kew

See you on 23rd July! And, in the meantime, immerse yourself in our last show at Richmond Theatre, 42nd Street.