When Midnight Strikes

New York, New Year’s Eve 1999 – the dawn of a new millennium – and Jennifer West’s intimate dinner party for close friends and family begins to fall apart upon the discovery that her husband has been having an affair. To make matters worse, she realizes that the unknown mistress is one of eleven party guests. As the hosts confront their unravelling marriage, new resolutions, past mistakes, and an uncertain future merge into an explosive and life-altering evening.

Kevin Hammonds’ book is in turn hilarious and moving, the plot keeping the audience on tenterhooks until the finale. With a score by Charles Miller packed with original show-stopping songs, When Midnight Strikes gives a remarkably accurate sense of the brittle gaiety of a New Year party, with all the tensions so often seething beneath the surface.”

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Twyla Bonnie Allen
Alex Andy Clarke
Zoe Lizzie Brignall
Greg Ben Hughes
Bradley Bryan Cardus
Jennifer Nikki Gerrard
Rachel Kerry Magee
Josephina Louise Turnbull
Edward Chris Morris
Christopher Martin Wilcox
Nicole Tracy Sorgiovanni
Muriel Heather Mathew

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Andrew Yeates
Musical Director Dave Roberts
Choreographer Diego Avila
Production Manager Wesley Henderson Roe
Stage Manager Jade Hamilton
Lighting Design Ed Pagett
Set Design & Build Wesley Henderson Roe
Props Sian Walters
Costume Terrie Creswell
Front of House Clare Henderson-Roe
Box Office Peter Ward

Reviews & Awards

The SWAN Awards

  • Nominated SWAN Award Best Design – Wes Henderson-Roe
  • Nominated SWAN Award Best Supporting Performer in a Musical – Heather Mathew
  • Nominated SWaN Award Best Supporting Male Performer in a Muscial – Chris Morris

Show Date: October 2011

Venue: Hampton Hill Theatre

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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