What You Will

What you will is a new musical written by William Morris and Simon Warne. It follows the story of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, but in a modern setting.

All the musical material in the show is original, as is the script. This is an excellent opportunity to get to grips with a new score and new characters.

Look alike brother and sister, Vee and Sebastian, are separated on the first night in the big city following a bar explosion (“What you will”). Vee thinks Sebastian is dead and in confused mourning poses as him in his new job as assistant to counsellor, Theo (“Why did I say that”). Theo is madly in love with his client, Olivia, and sends Vee to do his wooing – but Olivia falls in love with the disguised girl (“Yours is the heart”).

Things get more complicated when Olivia’s self-important agent, Malcolm, is persuaded by Olivia’s uncle, the over-weight, alcoholic Sir Toby, that Olivia loves him (“Let our love advance”). As Malcolm does his flirting, the situation almost comes to blows, when he realises that Olivia’s heart is for Vee alone. Luckily the situation is diffused by Joe, Sebastian’s best friend who sees Vee and mistakes her for Sebastian.

In the meantime, Theo thinks Olivia loves him and is going to marry him (“So this is what it means to fall in love”) and Olivia thinks she is going to marry Vee (“There’s something about a ring”). Vee finally has to come clean. All ends well, as Joe finds Sebastian and brings him back, where he falls in love with Olivia, Vee and Theo get their act together and even Sir Toby finds love with Olivia’s assistant, Maria (“So this is what it means to fall in love Reprise”).

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Vee Sarah Perkins
Theo Nick Moorhead
Olivia Fleur Wylie
Malcom Edz Barrett
Maria Lizzy Ross
Sir Toby Charles Halford
Seb Chris Morris
Joe Ben Hughes
Swing Dancers Anna Cotton
Swing Dancers Rowena Farrington
Swing Dancers Janet Simpson
Swing Dancers Sian Walters
Swing Dancers Loz Keal
Swing Dancers Tim Parish

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Sally Halsey
Musical Director William Morris
Choreographer Jennifer Moorhead
Production Manager Chris Morris
Stage Manager Jane Bean
Lighting Design Ed Pagett
Sound Design Richard Eliot
Props Sian Walters
Costume Terrie Creswell
Set Design Wesley Henderson Roe
Front of House Manager Clare Henderson-Roe
Committee Liaison Loz Keal
Wigs, Hair and Make Up Louise Turnbull

Show Date: May 2010

Venue: Hampton Hill Playhouse

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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