The Pajama Game

The Pajama Game is a musical based on the novel 7-1/2 Cents by Richard Bissell.

It features a score by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. The original Broadway production ran from May 13, 1954 to November 24, 1956. It was revived fromDecember 9, 1973 to February 3, 1974.

This was the first of a short sequence of trial productions at The Questors Theatre which were artistically well received but not successful enough to become a regular feature in the BROS calendar.

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Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Hines Alan Titchmarsh
Prez Steve Alais
Hasler Bob Salter
Joe Martin Last
Sid Sorokin Alan Cummins
Gladys Lynne Jarvis
Mabel Alex Jervis
1st Helper Richard Mattahie
Charlie Peter Campbell
Babe Williams Fiona Hughes
Mae Pauline Kendrick
Brenda Celia Andrews
Poopsie Lorraine Ward
Salesman John Boult
Pop Peter Sporle
Sleeptite Employee Mary Fraser
Sleeptite Employee Ellen Harvey-Smart
Sleeptite Employee Sally Hester
Sleeptite Employee Marion McLaren
Sleeptite Employee Doreen Perkins
Sleeptite Employee Barbara Thomas
Sleeptite Employee Aranka Zsidi
Sleeptite Employee Derek Dundas
Sleeptite Employee Peter Vaughan
Dancer Marion Alais
Dancer Pauline Beament
Dancer Alison Cooper
Dancer Rene Furstenfeld
Dancer Debbie Harkness
Dancer Sally Knighton
Dancer Jane Tanner
Dancer Peter Barnett
Dancer Jeremy Newton

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Valerie Fardell
Musical Director Barry Knight
Designer David Casey
Production Manager Peter Sporle
Costumes Designer Pauline Kendrick
Lighting designer Richard Broadhurst
Stage Manager John Mitchell
Deputy Stage Manager Barbara McDowell
Stage Assistant Michael Darby
Stage Assistant Colin Edwards
Stage Assistant Stuart Edwards
Stage Assistant Elliot Porte
Stage Assistant Paul Saunders
Stage Assistant David Watcham
Properties Margaret Zsidi
Properties Sue Brittle
Wardrobe Assistant Debbie Harkness
Box Office Robert Hicks
Box Office Barbara Weedon
Rehearsal Accompanist Colin Aintree
Rehearsal Accompanist Peter Holt
Rehearsal Accompanist Simon McChean
Rehearsal Accompanist Stephanie Underhill
Prompt Melanie Jenkins
Front of House Paul Hester
Set Construction Peter Barnett
Set Construction Pauline Beament
Set Construction John Boult
Set Construction David Casey
Set Construction John Mitchell
Set Construction Aranka Zsidi
Additional Lighting White Light (Electrics) Ltd
Poster Design Christine Archer (ACA Design)
Production Photography John Boult
Programme Design Peter Barnett

Show Date: September 1981

Venue: Questors Theatre - Ealing

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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