The Music Man

The Music Man is a musical with a book, music, and lyrics by Meredith Willson, based on a story by Willson and Franklin Lacey.

In 1957, the show became a hit on Broadway and spawned revivals, a popular film and is still frequently produced by both professional and amateur theatre companies.

After years of development, a change of producers, and more than forty drafts, the original Broadway production, directed by Morton DaCosta and choreographed by Onna White, opened on December 19, 1957 at the Majestic Theatre, where it remained for nearly three years before transferring to The Broadway Theatre to complete its 1,375-performance run.

The original cast included Robert Preston (who went on to reprise his role in the 1962 screen adaptation) as Harold Hill, Barbara Cook as Marian, and Eddie Hodges as Winthrop, with Pert Kelton, David Burns, and Iggie Wolfington in supporting roles. Eddie Albert replaced Preston later in the run.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Travelling Salesmen Will Brooks
Travelling Salesmen Peter Mumford
Travelling Salesmen Andrew Prosser
Travelling Salesmen Kit Stratfull
Travelling Salesmen Paul Viney
Charlie Cowell Rick Ratcliffe
Conductor Ron Pharo
Harold Hill John Tustin
Mayor Shinn Richard Matthaie
Ewart Dunlop Peter Vaughan
Oliver Hix Carl Smith
Jacey Squires Andrew Yeates
Olin Britt Andy MacBean
Marcellus Washburn Colin Daily
Tommy Djilas Peter Barnett
Marian Paroo Julie Thomas
Mrs Paroo Angela Sturgeon
Amaryllis Anna Gregory
Amaryllis Miranda Yorath
Winthrop Paroo Mark Rogers
Winthrop Paroo Tristran Matthaie
Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn Lynne Shirley
Saneeta Shinn Sarah Fox
Gracie Shinn Rachel Graham
Alma Hix Janet Turner
Maud Dunlop Joyce Stewart
Ethel Toffelmier Beryl Yorath
Mrs Squires Mandy Stenhouse
Constable Locke Ron Pharo
River City Townspeople Pauline Beament
River City Townspeople Ellen Harvey-Smart
River City Townspeople Wendy Howard
River City Townspeople Marion McLaren
River City Townspeople Jackie Osborne
River City Townspeople Sally Pembery
River City Townspeople Sonya Raymond
River City Townspeople Louise Stevenson
River City Townspeople Barbara Thomas
River City Children (group A) Burak Agca
River City Children (group A) Matthew Dineem
River City Children (group A) Jessica Garden
River City Children (group A) Thomas Griffin
River City Children (group A) Christopher Griffin
River City Children (group A) Maria Kerr
River City Children (group A) Rachel Lavery
River City Children (group A) Kylie Odd
River City Children (group A) Hannah Pledger
River City Children (group A) Emily Thompson
River City Children (group A) Louise Ware
River City Children (group B) Burak Agca
River City Children (group B) Emma Antoine
River City Children (group B) Joanne Elliott
River City Children (group B) Sarah Harvey-Smart
River City Children (group B) Paul Hawkes
River City Children (group B) Kristie Matthiae
River City Children (group B) Jason Raggatt
River City Children (group B) Kate Vaughan
River City Children (group B) James Yorath
Dancer Melanie Edwards
Dancer Catherine Early
Dancer Dylan Dolan
Keyboard Michael Carver
Trumpets Gerry Whillcock
Trumpets Nigel Paul
Trumpets Neil Blundell
Trumbone Derek Muir
Clarinets Mary Brunsden
Clarinets Max Woodhead
Clarinets Paul Harvey
Flute/Piccolo Pay McBain
Violins Katina Latouris-Smith
Violins Alan Thorogood
Bass Martin Wilcox
Percussion Michael Perry

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Jessica Joyce
Musical Director Michael Carver
Designer Malcolm Chilton
Technical Co-ordinator Janet Turner
Stage Manager Barbara Mitchell
Assistant Stage Manager John Mitchell
Production Assistant Mandy Lewis
Production Assistant Jackie Osbourne
Production Assistant Wendy Tyler
Set Construction Manager Paul Viney
Stage Crew David Cole
Stage Crew Peter Campbell
Stage Crew Wendy Kidd
Rehearsal Pianist Dennie Gomm
Bass Martin Wilcox
Promt Anne Campbell
Box Office Kit Statfull
Props Peter Sporle
Props Ann Newton
Props Mandy Lewis
Costume Coordinator Pauline Kendrick
Costume Coordinator Mandy Stenhouse
Costumes Alan Scott Costumes
Lighting Design Peter Willis
Lighting Assistant Steve Brown
Poster Design Martin Phillips
Chaperone Wendy Edwards
Chaperone Wendy Tyler
Front of House Helen Jenkins
Make-up Amanda Edgell
Make-up Merian Ganjou
Publicity Michael Carver
Publicity Anne Campbell
Group Bookings Julie Thomas

Show Date: May 1988

Venue: Queen Charlotte Hall, Parkshot

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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