The Gondoliers

The Gondoliers, or The King of Barataria, is a Savoy Opera, with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert.

It premiered at the Savoy Theatre on December 7, 1889, and ran for a very successful 554 performances (at that time the fifth longest-running piece of musical theatre in history), closing on June 20, 1891. This was the twelfth comic opera collaboration of fourteen between Gilbert and Sullivan.

The Gondoliers was Gilbert and Sullivan’s last great success. In this opera, Gilbert returns to the satire of class distinctions figuring in many of his earlier librettos. The libretto also reflects Gilbert’s fascination with the “Stock Company Act,” highlighting the absurd convergence of natural persons and legal entities, which plays an even larger part in the next opera, Utopia Limited.

As in several of their earlier operas, by setting the work comfortably far away from mother England, Gilbert was emboldened to direct sharper criticism at the nobility and the institution of the monarchy itself.

This production was given an Edwardian feel by designer David Casey.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
The Duke of Plaza-Toro Bob Salter
Luiz Peter Barnett
Don Alhambra del Bolero Roger Roseboom
Marco Palmieri Peter Campbell
Guiseppe Palmierei Steven Alais
Antonio Norman Marks
Francesco Peter Vaughan
Annibale Richard Matthaie
The Duchess of Plaza-Toro Alex Jarvis
Casilda Carol Vinall
Gianetta Ann Siggins
Tessa Margaret Boughton
Fiametta Fiona Hughes
Vittoria Mandy Stenhouse
Guila Janet Turner
Inez Barbara Weedon
Chorus of Contadine Liz Angell
Chorus of Contadine Pauline Beament
Chorus of Contadine Sue Brittal
Chorus of Contadine Sandra Buckland
Chorus of Contadine Alison Cooper
Chorus of Contadine Barbara Hall
Chorus of Contadine Ellen Harvey-Smart
Chorus of Contadine Anne Kitcherside
Chorus of Contadine Rachel Marks
Chorus of Contadine Marion McLaren
Chorus of Contadine Rosalind Mitchell
Chorus of Contadine Sonya Raymond
Chorus of Contadine Anne Tustin
Chorus of Contadine Patricia Vandepeer
Chorus of Contadine Aranka Zsidi
Chorus of Gondoliers, Men-at-Arms, Heralds & Page Ellis Berg
Chorus of Gondoliers, Men-at-Arms, Heralds & Page Jess Deacon
Chorus of Gondoliers, Men-at-Arms, Heralds & Page Derek Dundas
Chorus of Gondoliers, Men-at-Arms, Heralds & Page David Evans
Chorus of Gondoliers, Men-at-Arms, Heralds & Page Robert Hicks
Chorus of Gondoliers, Men-at-Arms, Heralds & Page John McElwee
Chorus of Gondoliers, Men-at-Arms, Heralds & Page Colin McMahon
Chorus of Gondoliers, Men-at-Arms, Heralds & Page Paul Saunders

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Val Fardell
Musical Director Peter Holt
Designer David Casey
Stage Manager Godfrey Buckland
Stage Manager Davis Casey
Production Manager Peter Sporle
Wardrobe Mistress Pauline Kendrick
Wardrobe Assistant Debbie Harkness
Wardrobe Assistant Christine McMahaon
Wardrobe Assistant Esther Rowlands
Wardrobe Assistant Mandy Stenhouse
Duchess Turbans by Wendy Allingham
Make-up Christine McMahon
Rehearsal Accompanist Colin Attree
Rehearsal Accompanist Denis Gomm
Rehearsal Accompanist Simon McCheane
Rehearsal Accompanist Stephanie Underhill
Rehearsal Accompanist Alison Wilson
Box Office Barbara Weedon
Prompt Lorraine Ward
Front of House Peter Brown
Set Construction Peter Barnett
Set Construction Pauline Beament
Set Construction Godfrey Buckland
Set Construction David Casey
Set Construction Peter Sporle
Set Construction Aranka Zsidi
Lighting Richard Broadhurst
Properties Heather Mitchell

Show Date: May 1982

Venue: Richmond Theatre

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