The Beggar’s Opera

The Beggar’s Opera is a ballad opera, a satiric play using some of the conventions of opera, but without the recitative.

It is one of the watershed plays in Augustan drama. The lyrics of the airs in the play are set to popular broadsheet ballads, opera arias, church hymns, and folk tunes of the time.

The original run of The Beggar’s Opera, of 62 successive performances, was the longest run in the theatre up to that time.

This production won huge critical acclaim both for its performances and the clever staging & production values.

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Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
The Beggar Mark Holliday
Mr Peachum Bob Salter
Mrs Peachum Marion McLaren
Polly Peachum Lesley Cox
Filch Paul Viney
Captain Macheath Andrew Macbean
Matt of the Mint Richard Matthaie
Nimming Ned Douglas Roberts
Jeremy Twitcher Stan Brown
Cross-fingered jack John Powter
Wat Dreary Peter Vaughan
Robin of Bagshot Iain Calder
Jenny Diver Angela Sturgeon
Mrs Coaxer Merian Ganjou
Dolly Trull Marion Alais
Mrs Vixen Claire Walker
Betty Doxy Sonya Raymond
Mrs Slammekin Terry Parsons
Suky Tawdry Frances Warhurst
Molly Brazen Margaret Boughton
Servant Janet Turner
Drawers Tim Marks
Constables David Sewell
Clergyman Clive Tibbitts
Mr Lockit Roger Roseboom
Lucy Lockit Mandy Stenhouse
Mrs Di Trapes Patricia Vandepeer
Wench Mary Fraser
Wench Ellen Harvey-Smart
Wench Louise Stevenson

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Jessica Joyce
Musical Director Mike Carver
Designer David Casey
Production Manager Julie Thomas
Stage Manager John Mitchell
Deputy Stage Manager Barbara Mitchell
Assistant Stage Manager Trevor Marland
Costume Coordinator Pauline Kendrick
Prompt Patricia Vandepeer
Props Peter Sporle
Costumes Spectrum Theatre Productions
Sets construction The Brew Crew
Lighting Paul Viney
Lighting Andy Collier
Lighting Peter Willis
Box Office Claire Walker
Front of House John Boult
Front of House Margaret Collier
Flute Stephen O'Regan
Clarinet Mary Scolding
Percussion Mike Perry
Piano Mike Carver
Bass Martin Wilcox

Show Date: November 1986

Venue: York House Twickenham

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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