The Addams Family

The Addams Family: in their world, to be sad is to be happy, to feel pain is to feel joy and death and suffering are the stuff of their dreams.  But, like any family, they face their challenges.  We meet them as ‘once a year they gather beneath the Family Tree to honour the great cycle of life and death’; when every member of the clan, living and dead, come together to celebrate.

This coincides with Wednesday, daughter and ultimate princess of darkness, turning 18. She has fallen in love with Lucas who is a sweet, clever young man from the respectable Beineke family. Her younger brother Pugsley misses the torturous attention of his sister; Morticia struggles to accept that her grown up daughter is changing; and Gomez just wishes everything could stay the same. Uncle Fester attempts to guide the family, reminding them that their ancestors will not be able to return to their graves until love prevails. The much more traditional Beineke family are invited to come to dinner and in one fateful, hilarious night the Addams Family’s world is turned upside down, as secrets are disclosed and relationships in both families are tested.

This is a fabulous, whacky musical comedy with a witty script, glorious, larger than life characters and a wide variety of music and exciting musical numbers including pop, jazz, latin, vaudeville and some almost operatic choruses. The show opens with the Addams Family revealing that Wednesday has come of age. She emerges from a coffin, has her braids cut off and agrees to the family traditions which include finding a mate chosen for his honesty and passion.

Within a dark, gothic setting, we will see spectacular dance numbers in a variety of styles, enjoy the surprising warmth and humour of the varied characters and watch family relationships unravel and rebuild as love prevails.


Cast & Creative

Creative Team

Role Name
Director/Choreographer Sian Bowles-Bevan
Musical Director Chiara Beebe
Gomez Guilluame Borkhataria
Morticia Heather Stockwell
Wednesday Katy Jackson
Pugsley Mathew Madeley
Uncle Fester Carl Smith
Alice Tracy Sorgiovanni
Mal Russell Bramley
Lucas Griffin Godsick
Lurch Bill Baker
Grandma Clair Jardella
Ancestors Cath Bryant, Emma Hartnett, Karen Swift, Georgina Skinner, Helen Lowe, Louise Vintner, Tash Wills, Susi Pink, Rebecca Tarry, Debs McDowell, Lizzie Brignall, Helen Shore, Jen Moorhead, Jonathan Warriss-Simmons, Andy Yeates, Jonny Buckley, Chris Nash, Darren Moss, Enrico Volpi, Callum Akehurst-Ryan

Show Dates

Date Time Location Book
October 26, 2022 Richmond Theatre Book Tickets
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Show Date: 26th - 29th October 2022

Venue: Richmond Theatre

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