Still Entertaining

This compilation show was put together as a celebration of the company’s first 75 years.

Does anyone have any photos of this company or reviews?

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Company Wendy Allingham
Company Liz Angell
Company Margaret Boughton
Company Jackie Clarke
Company Hilary Cooper
Company Wendy Edwards
Company Ellen Harvey-Smart
Company Helen Jenkins
Company Pauline Kendrick
Company Annie Kitcherside
Company Marion McLaren
Company Clare Norman
Company Maria Quincey
Company Sonya Raymond
Company Margaret Ross Collier
Company Mandy Stenhouse
Company Joyce Stewart
Company Barbara Thomas
Company Janet Turner
Company Anne Tustin
Company Patricia Vandepeer
Company Barbara Weedon
Company Caroline Whitehead
Company Carole Yates
Company Suzanne Yeates
Company Steve Alais
Company Peter Barnett
Company Dave Evans
Company Richard Matthaie
Company Jeremy Newton
Company Jeff Raggett
Company Roger Roseboom
Company Bob Salter
Company Paul Saunders
Company Andrew Yeates

Creative Team

Role Name
Director David Casey
Director Jeffrey Ragget
Choreographer Jackie Clarke
Production Manager Patricia Vandepeer
Stage Manager Heather Mitchell
Stage Assistants Esther Rowland
Lighting Colin Wooton
Sound Jeremy Lowe
Costumes Pauline Kendrick
Rehearsal Accompanist Denis Gomm
Rehearsal Accompanist Stephanie Underhill
Rehearsal Accompanist Jo Naylor
Rehearsal Accompanist Tim Evans
Rehearsal Accompanist Dave Evans
Set Design David Casey
Set Construction BROS Workshop
Programme Design & Production Dave Evans
Electric Piano Peter Holt
Piano Tim Evans
Drums Peter Barringer
Bass Guitar Colin Green

Show Date: November 1983

Venue: York House Twickenham

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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