A Slice of Saturday Night

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Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Eric de Vene Derek Ruby
Bertha Lea Cairns
The Trends Philip Shute
Sharon Clare Burgess
Rick Rob Hamer Jones
Bridget Annie Marwood
Gary Mark Fallon
Sue Lisa Rose

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Wesley Henderson Roe
Director Melanie Edwards

Reviews & Awards

George Allen - The Chronicle

October 1999

There are few shows which capture the 60’s like A Slice of Saturday Night. The lively show, performed by BROS Theatre Company, is packed with music and dancing but a more serious undercurrent flows through it. When a group of 17-year olds begin to discover some terrifying emotions related to growing up, the show becomes much more of an excuse for a nostalgic wallow.

BROS’s two directors Melanie Edwards and Wesley Henderson-Roe delivered a very rounded portrayal of the adolescent world. The cast rose to every challenge whether musical, dramatic, funny, wry or tragic.

Derek Ruby led the ensemble as Eric de Vene, owner of Club A Go-Go giving a tremendous performance cloaking his sense of responsibility for the kids beneath a cynical veneer, fooling them but not us.

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Show Date: October 1999

Venue: Parkshot Studio

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