Salad Days

Salad Days is a musical with music by Julian Slade and lyrics by Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade.

It premiered at the Bristol Old Vic in 1954, and transferred to the Vaudeville Theatre in London on August 5 of that year, running for 2,283 performances to become the longest-running show in British musical theatre until overtaken by Oliver!.

The title is taken from William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra: “My salad days, When I was green in judgement, cold in blood, To say as I said then!”, and the phrase is now used to refer to ones days of youthful inexperience.

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Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Tramp Richard Matthaie
Jane Carole Yates
Timothy Jeffrey Raggett
Timothy's Mother Pauline Kendrick
Timothy's Father Martin Last
Aunt Prue Rachel Marks
Lady Raeburn Wendy Allingham
Heloise Margaret Ross Collier
PC Boot Bob Salter
Rowena Mandy Stenhouse
The Bishop Peter Barnett
Troppo Alison Cooper
Sir Clamsby Williams John Boult
Fosdyke Richard Matthaie
Inspector Martin Last
Nigel Jeremy Newton
Manager Norman Marks
Fiona Margaret Boughton
Augustine Williams MP David Price
Tom Smith Peter Vaughan
Waitress Margaret Ross Colllier
Slave Ellen Harvey-Smart
Slave Dave Evans
Arm Dancer Debbie Harkness
Asphynxia Aranka Zsidi
Lady Pauline Beament
Lady Sonya Raymond
Lady Joyce Stewart
Lady Barbara Thomas
Ambrose Paul Saunders
Marguerite Debbie Harkness
Anthea Janet Salter
Electrode Peter Vaughan
Uncle Zed Norman Marks

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Peter Browning
Musical Director Peter Holt
Choreographer Jackie Clarke
Designer David Casey
Production Manager Patricia Vandepeer
Production Consultant Peter Sporle
Costumes Pauline Kendrick
Costumes Debbie Harkness
Costumes Wendy Allingham
Lighting Design Paul Chapman
Lighting Steven Hames
Lighting Ian Briggs
Sound Alan B Smith
Sound Geoff Powell
Stage Manager Godfrey Buckland
Stage Assistants Heather Mitchell
Stage Assistants Grainne O'Kelly
Stage Assistants David Poupart
Stage Assistants Simon Sutherland
Stage Assistants Anne Tustin
Stage Assistants Richard Vandepeer
Prompt Grainne O'Kelly
Front of House Peter Brown
Box Office Ellen Harvey-Smart
Box Office Wendy Allingham
Rehearsal Accompanist Denis Gomm
Rehearsal Accompanist Stephanie Underhill
Set Construction Peter Barnett
Set Construction Pauline Beament
Set Construction Godfrey Buckland
Set Construction David Casey
Set Construction David Poupart
Set Construction Peter Sporle
Set Construction Simon Sutherland
Set Construction Aranka Zsidi
Poster & Programme Design Dave Evans
Park Furniture Greenery Ltd

Show Date: November 1982

Venue: Questors Theatre Ealing

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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