Patience, or Bunthorne’s Bride, is a comic opera in two acts, with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert.

First performed at the Opera Comique, London, on April 23, 1881, it moved to the 1,292-seat Savoy Theatre on October 10, 1881, where it was the first theatrical production in the world to be lit entirely by electric light.

Henceforth, the G&S comic operas would be known as the Savoy Operas, and both fans and performers of G&S would come to be known as “Savoyards.”

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Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Colonel Claverly Roger Roseboom
Major Murgatroyd Bob Salter
Lieut. Duke of Dunstable Andrew Yeates
Reginald Bunthorne Norman Marks
Archibald Grosvenor Terry Saunders
Mr Bunthorne's Solictor Theo Rees-Maughan
The Lady Angela Mandy Stenhouse
The Lady Saphir Pauline Kendrick
The Lady Ella Sonya Raymond
The Lady Jane Jane Mitchell
Patience Carol Vinall
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Liz Angell
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Margaret Boughton
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Sandra Buckland
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Rebecca Cooksey
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Ellen Harvey-Smart
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Georgina Manoras
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Rachel Marks
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Marion McLaren
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Rosalind Mitchell
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Barbara Thomas
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Janet Turner
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Anne Tustin
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Patricia Vandepeer
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Frances Warhurst
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens Suzanne Yeates
Chorus of Dragoon Guards John Barker
Chorus of Dragoon Guards John Boult
Chorus of Dragoon Guards Stanley Brown
Chorus of Dragoon Guards Peter Campbell
Chorus of Dragoon Guards Richard Matthaie
Chorus of Dragoon Guards Andrew Macbean
Chorus of Dragoon Guards Jeremy Newton
Chorus of Dragoon Guards Ron Pharo
Chorus of Dragoon Guards Paul Saunders
Chorus of Dragoon Guards Peter Vaughan

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Val Fardell
Musical Director Peter Holt
Designer David Casey
Production Manager Patricia Vandepeer
Stage Manager Godfrey Buckland
Assistant Stage Manager Trevor Marland
Wardrobe Mistress Pauline Kendrick
Make-up Adviser Margaret Davies
Publicity Anne Tustin
Rehearsal Pianist Stephanie Underhill
Rehearsal Pianist Denis Gomm
Rehearsal Pianist Tim Evans
Prompt Margaret Ross Collier
Box Office Barbara Weedon
Box Office Ellen Harvey-Smart
House Manager Peter Brown
Props Peter Sporle
Ladies Edwardian Costumes by Alan Scott Costumes
Ladies Costumes Designed and Made by Pauline Kendrick
Set Construction BROS Workshops
Lighting Barrie More

Show Date: May 1984

Venue: Richmond Theatre

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