Ordinary Days

Ordinary Days is a song cycle set in contemporary New York and follows the lives of four young people as they evaluate their lives and look to the future for happiness and fulfilment. It cleverly intertwines their journeys as the piece builds to its positive conclusion, making us laugh out loud and shed a tear as the characters’ back stories are revealed and their relationships with each other grow.

In these uncertain times the committee were looking for a small musical suitable for a socially distanced audience, relying on performance above other production values – i.e. something that could be presented well on a limited budget that didn’t require a large band, complicated staging, multiple costume changes etc. Ordinary Days has a small cast of four and can be rehearsed individually starting in January, moving to pairings then ensemble through February and March. Due to London being moved to Tier 4, we have postponed show week from April to May. Due to uncertainty about new restrictions, auditions will be delayed until further notice.

As a sung-through piece lasting about 90 minutes without an interval, it will be staged at Hampton Hill Theatre from Tuesday 4th to Saturday 8th May 2021, with a matinee on the Saturday.

Cast & Creative

Creative Team

Role Name
Director and Designer Wesley Henderson Roe
Musical Director Nic Luker
Lighting Design Ed Pagett
Sound Design Stuart Vaughan
Stage Manager Richard Coveney

Characters & Parts


A gay 20-something who is cat sitting for a graffiti artist currently in jail. To make money, he reproduces some of his friend’s pithy sayings on flyers and tries to give them away on bustling streets, without much success. He finds a lost book containing dissertation notes and contacts the owner to return it.


A 20-something Grad student who has come to New York to find herself and complete her thesis on Virginia Wolf. She panics when she realises she has lost her notes and agrees to meet the finder, Warren, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


A 30-something young man taking the next step in his relationship and moving from his flat into his girlfriend’s. He knows that she is ‘the one’ but needs to be sure they can live together. Initially, things do not go to plan.


Jason’s 30-something girlfriend with a shattered past he knows little or nothing about. Him moving in is a huge step for her and she becomes conflicted by it, while still trying to keep everything on track. Their arguments result in them separating before unusual circumstances make them both realise their mistake.

Join Bros

Show Date: 4th - 8th May 2021

Venue: Hampton Hill Theatre

Audition Information

COVID UPDATE: With London and Surrey now in Tier 4 and our theatres closed again, auditions for Ordinary Days will be delayed until further notice.
Our production dates currently remain the same, Tuesday 4 – Saturday 8 May 2021, although are subject to change.
Anyone who is still interested in auditioning should complete a form as soon as possible by emailing odays@brostc.org.


Please email ODays@brostc.org to register your interest and receive audition materials. You can also find the audition materials HERE.

There will be no choreography or dialogue auditions. Any choreography will be developed in rehearsal utilising the skill set of the cast. The singing audition will therefore need to show characterisation as well as vocality. We will be looking for a full understanding of the piece as part of the audition process.

Note: To meet the level of commitment required by both production teams during a logistically difficult period it is not possible to be cast in Ordinary Days and Little Shop of Horrors. The cast for Little Shop of Horrors will be announced before auditions for Ordinary Days take place.  

Suggested listening – The original Cast Recording on Spotify & other platforms.

Key Dates

Event Name Date Time Location
Auditions January 10, 2021 TBC Hampton Hill Theatre
Opening night May 4, 2021 Hampton Hill Theatre
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