Oh, Kay!

Oh, Kay! is a musical with music by George Gershwin, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, and a book by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse. It is based on the play La Presidente by Maurice Hanniquin and Pierre Veber.

The plot revolves around the adventures of the Duke of Durham and his sister, Lady Kay, English bootleggers in Prohibition Era America. Kay finds herself falling in love with a man who seems unavailable.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Kay Sue Astbury
Jimmy Chris Morris
Shorty Stuart Harris
Polly Susannah Budden
Molly Jan Croxson
Earl Jonathan Warriss-Simmons
Larry Edz Barrett
Constance Lizzy Ross
Judge Gary Sherwood
Revenue Officer Alan O’Shea
Cottontails Charlotte Bartle
Cottontails Lizzie Brignall
Cottontails Lucy Anne Clement
Cottontails Lisa Collin
Cottontails Vicki Harding
Cottontails Juliet Manners
Cottontails Dudzai Pswarayi
Cottontails Helen Shore
Cottontails Janet Simpson
Cottontails Gita Singham
Cottontails Louise Turnbull
Male Chorus Loz Keal
Male Chorus Mark Wakeford

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Wesley Henderson Roe
Musical Director Philip Shute
Choreographer Rachel Hughes
Dance Captain Gemma Melhuish
Production Manager Claire Williams
Stage Manager Eric Williams
Lighting Designer Ed Pagett
Sound Design David Gates
Set Design Wesley Henderson Roe
FOH Alan O'Shea
Hair, wigs and make-up Louise Turnbull
Props Sian Walters

Reviews & Awards

The SWAN Awards

  • SWAN Award Best supporting male Winner – Jonathan Simmons

A seldom-seen pearl was revealed last week by BROS at The Hampton Hill Playhouse. In 1926, in the middle of US prohibition, the Gershwin brothers decided to write a musical about bootleggers… and to invite that archetypal English eccentric, P.G. Wodehouse to write the lyrics! The result was Oh, Kay!, a comic medley of marital misunderstandings.

The bootleggers wait in a beach mansion on New York’s Long Island for the booze run to put ashore. Their leader is Shorty, a wise-cracking hoodlum, energetically played by Stuart Harris. The runners’ ship is the yacht of ‘Pops’ an English aristocrat, the Earl of Blandings; and by gad Jonathan Simmons was magnificent in this role. Even when drunk as a lord, he kept his stiff upper lip, and sang splendidly.

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