Mack and Mabel

Mack & Mabel tells the story of the tempestuous relationship between Mack Sennett the world renowned silent movie director and his leading lady Mabel Normand after she walks into his life as a complete unknown.

It charts her meteoric rise to fame alongside his rise to star billing at the height of the silent movie era but with dark undertones of the fall from grace that will hit them both – she because of her increasing reliance on drugs to maintain the punishing film scheduling, and he because of the talkies that are taking over his world.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Mack Sennett Nigel Cole
Mabel Normand Bonnie Allen
Lottie Ames Kerry Magee
Fatty Arbuckle Chris Morris
Frank Capra Nick Moorhead
Ella Caroline Hayes
Kessel Marc Batten
Tap Dance Troupe Heather Bate
Tap Dance Troupe Laura Crowley
Tap Dance Troupe Lucinda Hennessy
Tap Dance Troupe Aggie Holland
Tap Dance Troupe Juliet Manners
Tap Dance Troupe Deb McDowell
Tap Dance Troupe Gemma Melhuish
Tap Dance Troupe Susi Pink
Tap Dance Troupe Rhian Roberts
Tap Dance Troupe Helen Shore
Tap Dance Troupe Tracy Sorgiovanni
Tap Dance Troupe Karen Swift
Tap Dance Troupe Louise Vinter
Tap Dance Troupe Jennifer Moorhead
Male Ensemble Peter Bevan
Male Ensemble David Benny
Male Ensemble Guy Chaperlin
Male Ensemble Marc Evans
Male Ensemble Ben Hughes
Male Ensemble Bernard Messenger
Female Ensemble Roberta Garcka
Female Ensemble Stephanie Harris
Female Ensemble Sarah Perkins
Female Ensemble Sian Walters

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Wesley Henderson Roe
Musical Director Martin Wilcox
Choreographer Gita Singham
Production Manager Hannah Reynolds
Technical Manager Rob Arundel
Stage Manager Richard Coveney
Lighting Design David Buffam
Lighting Design London Light -
Sound Design Stuart Vaughan
Props Jane Bean
Production Assistant Clair Williams
Production Assistant Eric Williams
Costume Wendy Godwin
Front of House Manager Clare Henderson-Roe
Assistant Director Sian Walters
Rehearsal Pianist Nic Luker
Set designer Wesley Henderson Roe

Show Date: May 2013

Venue: Minack Theatre

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