Love From Judy

Love from Judy is a musical comedy from 1952, written by Hugh Martin (music), Timothy Gray (lyrics and book), and Eric Maschwitz (book).

It’s based on Daddy Long Legs, which as you may know tells the story of a young woman (here named Judy Abbott) who is rescued from an orphanage by a rich and handsome benefactor, Jervis Pendleton, who sends her to college but insists that he remain anonymous.

Judy winds up rooming with Jervis’ niece Julia, and so Jervis is able to observe his “ward” without her knowing who he is. She blossoms, and he falls in love with her. Luckily, she falls in love with him too, and so when he finally reveals himself to her, there’s a happy ending.

Local newspaper headlined their review as ‘A Lot of Talent for a Dull Show’.

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Cast & Creative

Show Date: November 1976

Venue: Richmond Theatre

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