Little Mary Sunshine

Little Mary Sunshine is an American musical in emulation of older operetta, with book, music, and lyrics by Rick Besoyan.

It premiered on November 18, 1959 at the Orpheum Theatre in New York.

Company’s first production at this venue. Programme note suggests planning for future to be a spring production at Richmond Theatre and an autumn one at this hall.

Next planned show was to be Desert Song at Richmond Theatre

Local paper reviews were titled; ‘Cast enjoyed the hamming, if not the audience’ and ‘Burlesque attempt a failure’.

1970 was referred to by retiring Chairman, Councillor Geoffrey Needs, as “the most difficult in the society’s history.” This followed poor ticket sales for Jorrocks and weak sales for the above production creating a shows deficit for the year of almost £1000. Donations and loans from members reduced the overall yearly accounts to a remarkable loss of only £61.

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Cast & Creative

Show Date: September 1970

Venue: York House Twickenham

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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