Kiss Me Kate

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Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Fred Graham Bryan Cardus
Lilli Vanessi Mandy Stenhouse
Lois Lane Maggie Dawson
Bill Calhoun Andrew MacBean
Harry Trevor Iain Calder
Hortensio Richard Fyfe
Gremio Peter Henson
Gangster Steve Alais
Ganster Ben Karp
Harrison Howell John Boult
Paul Jim Trimmer
Ralph Will Brooks
Hattie Helen Jenkins
Betty Lizzie Ross
Pop Richard Matthaie
Ensemble Kim Aaron
Ensemble Meirion Anderson
Ensemble Ray Ash
Ensemble Sandra Brenner
Ensemble Sue Buxton
Ensemble Sally Cresswell
Ensemble Jan Croxson
Ensemble Jeffrey Darlington
Ensemble Helen Donald
Ensemble Merian Ganjou
Ensemble Katy Hart
Ensemble Ellen Harvey-Smart
Ensemble Wendy Howard
Ensemble Robert Marson
Ensemble Marion McLaren
Ensemble Angela Males
Ensemble Bernard Messenger
Ensemble Tara O'Sullivan
Ensemble Guy Pearson
Ensemble Sarah Storer
Ensemble Suzy Rafferty
Ensemble Janet Simpson
Ensemble Suzy Rafferty
Ensemble Angela Sturgeon
Ensemble Chris Thackray
Ensemble Barbara Thomas
Ensemble Denis Worth

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Meg Murnane
Musical Director Carl Smith
Choroegrapher Mandy Demetriou
Costume Designer Suzy Rafferty
Set Designer Wyn Humphries
Lighting Bob Bustance
Production Manager Margaret Collier
Stage Manager Andy Woodger
Deputy Stage Manager Alan Gravestock
Lighting Coordinator Ed Pagett
Dance Captain Angela Sturgeon
Make Up and Wigs Jacqui Shreeve
Props Beryl Yorath
Props Supervision David Simpson
Assisted by Marion Alais
Set Construction David & Sarah Holland
Sound Installation R G Jones
Prompt Lynne Tomkins
Rehearsal Accompanist Carole Baker
Rehearsal Photogrpher Jeffrey Darlington
BROS Ticket Sales Ellen Harvey-Smart
Publicity Liaison Sarah Storer

Reviews & Awards

This production of BROS at Poleden Lacey was professional in every way, from the music of your orchestra directed by Carl Smith, dazzling choreography by Mandy Demetriou, costume design by Suzy Raftery, all put together by Director Meg Murnane. Outstanding is the word that describes all the elements of this production, and what a marvellous credit the Society is to the amateur stage.

You had a cast of Stars and that includes all members of the chorus, choreography was of the highest standard and on this occasion the gentlemen outshone the ladies, the rehearsal mode was tremendous, whilst when they became strolling players we had a complete contrast in style and mannerisms.

Bryan Cardus gave a positive Fred Graham with fine renditions of his songs, we had an excellent lib in the Petruchio role and he played both characters with considerable skill.

We had a very sharp character from Maggie Dawson as Lois Lane, it was a pleasure to watch her work, the quality of her singing and acting was superb.

The Kate of Mandy Stenhouse was excellent, fine diction, and singing and suitable annoyance with Fred, I felt more could have been made of the fight scene, and more venom was required from both players, I understand it was the Saturday matinee on a very hot day and this may explain the gentle approach.

Andrew MacBean played the part of Bill Calhoun with panache, a nice controlled performance with a personality that balanced well with the other members of the cast.

The casting of Steve Alais as Angel and Ben Karp as Moose was ideal, and this duo made an excellent job of the gangsters, their humour floated across the footlights, and they gave us two individual characters, they made a hit with the Brush up Your Shakespeare number and overall provided excellent entertainment.

Paul as played by Jim Trimmer and Hattie played by Helen Jenkins gave us nice tidy portrayals of the dressers, this was acting at it’s best, very natural movements, the flick of the head, the sharp turn of the heel, and reaction to the leads every whim.

Richard Matthiae made a good job of the Pop Bagell part, strict attention to detail as the stage doorman which he held throughout the show.

John Boult gave us a satisfactory Harrison Howell getting the maximum humour from the part.

Iain Calder gave great support to all the principals as Harry Trevor this was an excellent effort and fitted in well in the overall production, an important part well played.

Peter Henson gave us an almost panto warden winchester, he demanded attention whenever he appeared on stage, and was most supportive to the rest of the cast.

Richard Fyfe made a first class contribution to the production as Hortensio, we did enjoy the Tom, Dick, and Harry number.

Betty Binster (a new character to me) as played by Elizabeth Ross gave the opening that sparkle that makes an audience sit up and take notice, we did.

We have all met Will Brooks on many theatre stages and his Ralph character was rounded to perfection. Well done.

Your superb set was very well handled by a competent crew, your sound was fine, in fact the whole set up was excellent.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this production. Rose and I thank you for your invitation, and look forward to your next show.

John Applin


Show Date: July 1995

Venue: Polesden Lacey

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