In The Mood

In The Mood was a compilation show comprising over two dozen musical numbers, interspersed with dance routines.

Taking place at Hampton Hill Playhouse, the show featured Broadway classics, numbers from Viennese Operas and included dances nodding towards several styles, including Latin American, Jazz and Rock n’ Roll.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Performers Jane Bean
Performers Lizzie Brignall
Performers Veronica Callow
Performers Suzy Deal
Performers Helen Donald
Performers Louise Ellard
Performers Merian Ganjou
Performers Sue Godfrey
Performers Fiona Hedger-Gourlay
Performers Clare Henderson-Roe
Performers Cathy Hough
Performers Clair Jardella
Performers Shirley Landey
Performers Deb McDowell
Performers Marion Mclaren
Performers Sarah Storer
Performers Lynn Shirley
Performers Janet Simpson
Performers Barbara Thomas
Performers Nicky Young
Performers Edz Barrett
Performers Mike Bradbury
Performers Will Brooks
Performers Sue Cambridge
Performers Bryan Cardus
Performers Matthew Chandler
Performers Richard Matthaie
Performers Gavin Morgan
Performers John Powter
Performers Bob Salter
Performers Terry Saunders
Performers John Timperley
Performers Jim Trimmer
Performers Alan Whitmore
Performers Andrew Yeates

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Alison Titchmarsh
Assistant Director Deb McDowell
Musical Director Mike Carber
Choreographer Melanie Edwards
Choreographer Katy Hyland
Choreographer Matthew Chandler
Production Manager Suzanne Yeates
Lighting Ed Pagett
Stage Manager Kevin Good
Stage Manager Mary Lawrence
Sound Recording Stuart Vaughan
Box Office Barbara Thomas

Show Date: April 2001

Venue: Hampton Hill Playhouse

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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