I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

BROS completed its run of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change in triumph after an exhausting and hugely thrilling week. This is a musical comedy – celebrating ‘the mating game’; the truths and myths behind heterosexual ‘relationships’. It is basically a bunch of funny / satirical songs and short scenes which deal with various relationships in various stages of development or decline! – Act 1 details the journey from dating and waiting, to becoming lovers, and so to marriage. Act 2 reveals the agonies and triumphs of in-laws and newborns, trips in the family car and the pick up techniques of the geriatric set.

The songs are sung by a range of different and unconnected characters and there is no story as such, although there is a kind of chronology from the early stages of relationships through to the later stages of life. In order to provide structure the piece is topped and tailed with a prologue/epilogue and also a four times repeated /altered ‘cantata’ keeps the ‘narrative’ such as it is, on track. The reason this show works is because of the hope and compassion that comes through despite the cynical / satirical nature of much of the humour.

The show was originally produced Off Broadway with a company of only four performers, but would definitely benefit from being performed by a larger company. It needs singers who can act and who are happy taking on a range of different roles and being part of an ensemble. There is no room for ‘stars’ but there is plenty of opportunity for individuals to shine.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Company Lizzie Brignall
Company Steph Howel
Company Kerry Magee
Company Sarah Perkins
Company Rhian Roberts
Company Louise Turnbull
Company Bryan Cardus
Company Andy Clarke
Company Nigel Cole
Company Hamilton Faber
Company John Nugent
Company Jonathan Warriss-Simmons

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Deb McDowell
MD Carole Smith
Choreography Gemma Melhuish
Choreography Louise Vinter
Violinist Alison Evans
Stage Manager Drew Barnes
Costumes Terrie Creswell
Lighting Ed Pagett
Production Manager Tony Makepeace
Front of House Manager Cathy Makepeace
Box Office Helen Shore
Props Sue Chaperlin
Stage Crew Guy Chaperlin
Stage Crew Eric Williams
Wigs & Make Up Lizzie Ross
Wigs & Make Up Louise Turnbull

Reviews & Awards

SWAN Awards

  • Nominated for SWAN Award Best Musical
  • Nominated for SWAN Award Best Male Performer in a Musical – Nigel Cole
  • Nominated for SWAN Award Best Male Performer in a Musical – Bryan Cardus
  • Nominated for SWAN Award Best Female Performer in a Musical – Steph Howel

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful musical show. Yes, last evening my spirits were lifted by the brilliant acting, singing, dancing – whatever – of your production. To laugh out loud and to be brilliantly entertained was such a treat. I hope to see more of your company. Thank You. Gloria Clifton.

Show Date: Nov 2009

Venue: Hampton Hill Playhouse

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