HMS Pinafore/Trial By Jury

Trial by Jury is a comic opera in one act, with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. Initially it was played last on a triple bill; the other two works on opening night were Jacques Offenbach’s La PĂ©richole and Charles Collette’s one-act farce Cryptoconchoidsyphonostomata, which was immediately thereafter replaced with another work.

H.M.S. Pinafore, or The Lass that Loved a Sailor, is a comic opera in two acts, with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. It is one of the Savoy Operas, and the first big hit by Gilbert and Sullivan. This work was Gilbert and Sullivan’s fourth operatic collaboration.

Richmond Magistrates Court & London Borough of Richmond were thanked for assistance with props.

In the image Gallery, second image is original artwork for one of the set flats.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
The Learned Judge Iain Calder
The Learned Judge Andrew Yeates
The Plaintiff Margaret Boughton
The Defendant Alex Summerville
Counsel for the Plaintiff Martin Eilliff
Usher Gavin Morgan
Foreman of the Jury Richard Matthaie
Bridesmaids Sheila Fitzgerald
Bridesmaids Wendy Howard
Bridesmaids Marion Pitt
Bridesmaids Janet Simpson
Bridesmaids Barbara Thomas
Bridesmaids Janet Turner
Gentlemen of the Jury Will Brooks
Gentlemen of the Jury Robert Brooks
Gentlemen of the Jury Richard Duce
Gentlemen of the Jury John Fayle
Gentlemen of the Jury Robert Hicks
Gentlemen of the Jury Christopher Jones
Gentlemen of the Jury Ray Pitt
Gentlemen of the Jury Lee Power
Gentlemen of the Jury John Powter
Gentlemen of the Jury Tony Tripp
Gentlemen of the Jury Peter Vaughan
Gentlemen of the Jury Graham Wilson
Member of the Public Jenny Allen
Member of the Public Mary Fraser
Member of the Public Merion Ganjou
Member of the Public Marion McLaren
Member of the Public Terry Parsons
Member of the Public Carole Sheath
Member of the Public Caroline Skinner
Member of the Public Gillian Smith
Member of the Public Joyce Stewart
Member of the Public Angela Sturgeon
Member of the Public Lynne Tompkins
Member of the Public Tricia Vandepeer
Sir Joseph Porter Richard Matthaie
Captain Corcoran Lee Power
Ralph Rackstraw Martin Wilcox
Dick Deadeye Martin Elliff
Bill Bobstay Richard Duce
Bob Beckett Ray Pitt
Josephine Kim Allewn
Hebe Shiela Fitzgerald
Little Buttercup Tricia Vandepeer
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Jennie Allen
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Margaret Boughton
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Mary Fraser
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Wendy Howard
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Marion McLaren
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Merian Ganjou
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Terry Parsons
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Marion Pitt
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Janet Simpson
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Carol Sheath
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Caroline Skinner
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Gillian Smith
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Joyce Stewart
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Angela Sturgeon
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Barbara Thomas
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Lynne Tompkins
Sister/Cousin/Aunt Janet Turner
Sailor Will Brooks
Sailor Robert Brooks
Sailor Iain Calder
Sailor Peter Campbell
Sailor John Fayle
Sailor Robert Hicks
Sailor Christopher Jones
Sailor Gavin Morgan
Sailor John Powter
Sailor Gideon Rogers
Sailor Tony Tripp
Sailor Peter Vaughan

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Val Fardell
Musical Director Mike Carver
Designer Malcolm Chilton
Paintings Designed by Pamela Chilton
Paintings Executed by Miles Speak
Production Manager Helen Jenkins
Stage Manager Wesley Henderson Roe
Stage Crew Andrew MacBean
Stage Crew Jeremy Newton
Stage Crew Roger Rosebloom
Stage Crew Linda Wilson
Assistant to Director Melanie Edwards
Properties Maggie Rose
Sound Designer Dennis Cater
Lighting Assistants Steve Brown
Lighting Assistants Andy Collier
Lighting Assistants Wendy Edwards
Lighting Assistants Jo Henwood
Set Construction Miles Speak
Wardrobe Sue Buxton
Wardrobe Mandy Matthaie
Costumes Spectrum Productions
Make Up Peter Barnett
Box Office Suzanne Yeates
Publicity Anne Campbell
Publicity Assistant Maggie Rose
Publicity Assistant Andrew Macbean
Front of House Steve Alais
Front of House Marion Alais
Rehearsal Pianist Carole Baker
Rehearsal Pianist Nick Beedon
Rehearsal Pianist Terry Saunders

Show Date: November 1990

Venue: Queen Charlotte Hall, Parkshot

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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