Half a Sixpence

It was based on H.G. Wells’s novel Kipps: The Story of a Simple Soul. Steele plays Arthur Kipps, an orphan who unexpectedly inherits a fortune, and climbs the social ladder before losing everything and realizing that you just can’t buy happiness.

The novel is somewhat autobiographical, being inspired by the rapid changes in Wells’s own life when his early novels brought him financial security.

This production was graced by the author David Heneker, then in his 80s and Patron of the society at that time.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Arthur Kipps Peter Barnett
Sid Pornick Peter Campbell
Buggins Dave Evans
Pearce Andrew Yeates
Flo Bates Marion Alais
Victoria Claire Walker
Kate Mandy Stenhouse
Emma Frances Warhurst
Mr Shalford Bob Salter
Carshott Paul Viney
Mrs Walshingham Marion McLaren
Ann Pornick Janet Turner
Chitterlow Mark Holliday
Laura Merian Ganjou
Helen Walsingham Lesley Cox
Young Walsingham Andrew Macbean
Edith Margaret Boughton
Gwendolin Margaret Collier
Student Rachel Marks
Student Liz Angel
Student Doug Roberts
Reporter Roger Roseboom
Reporter Roger Roseboom
Photographer Norman Marks
Dancer Melanie Edwards
Dancer Yvonne Sibbald
Dancer Debbie Harkness
Company Pauline Beament
Company Mary Fraser
Company Hazel Graham
Company Barbara Hall
Company Ellen Harvey-Smart
Company Marion Mullins
Company Jane Smith
Company Kate Stevens
Company Louise Stevenson
Company Joyce Stewart
Company Barbara Thomas
Company Martin Harrison
Company Ron Pharo
Company John Powter
Company Mark Tooley
Company Peter Vaughan

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Vic Fardell
Musical Director Carl Smith
Designer David Casey
Production Manager Suzanne Yeates
Stage Manager John Mitchell
Deputy Stage Manager Barbara Mitchell
Crew Trevor Marland
Crew Heather Mitchell
Crew Julie Luker
Crew Viv Tasker
Crew Denise Ganjou
Costume Co-ordinator Pauline Kendrick
Rehearsal Pianist Dennis Gomm
Prompt Patricia Vandepeer
Box Office Beryl Yorath
Props Peter Sporle
Costumes by Alan Scott
Sets constructed by BROS Workshop
Lighting Ralph Bramley
Publicity Jeremy Newton
Stage Photography Doug Roberts
Rostra Phil Parsons

Show Date: May 1986

Venue: Richmond Theatre

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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