Guys and Dolls

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Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Nicely-Nicely Johnson John Tustin
Benny Southstreet Tony Bogod
Rusty Charlie Jim Trimmer
Sarah Brown Marie Creed
Arvide Abernathy Iain Calder
Agatha Beryl Yorath
Mission Band Ray Pitt
Mission Band Marion Pitt
Mission Band Margaret Collier
Harry the Horse Andrew Powell
Lt. Brannigan Bob Salter
Nathan Detroit Martin Elliff
Miss Adelaide Patti Bottomley
Sky Masterson Chris Warden
Joey Biltmore Colin Keel
Hot Box MC Dave Simpson
Mimi Merian Ganjou
General Matilda B Cartwright Trish Vandepeer
Big Jule Kevin Vaughan-Smith
Drunk Terry Narey
Hot Box Girls Merian Ganjou
Hot Box Girls Fiona Gourlay
Hot Box Girls Katie Hart
Hot Box Girls Dorne Hill
Hot Box Girls Wendy Howard
Hot Box Girls Diana McGuigan
Hot Box Girls Stephanie Smith
Hot Box Girls Angela Sturgeon
Hot Box Girls Tara O'Sullivan
Crapshooters Peter Campbell
Crapshooters Dave Evans
Crapshooters Alex Friend
Crapshooters Richard Matthiae
Crapshooters Peter Morris
Crapshooters Peter Vaughan
Crapshooters Michael Wray
Runyonlanders Rachel Acus
Runyonlanders Ellen Harvey-Smart
Runyonlanders Caroline Skinner
Runyonlanders Janet Simpson
Runyonlanders Barbara Thomas
Runyonlanders Lynne Tompkins

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Sylvia Denning
Choreography Viki Osman
Musical Director Carl Smith
Designer Malcolm Chilton
Production Manager Helen Jenkins
Publicity Manager Lesley Vaughan-Smith
Assistant Production Manager Clare Henderson Roe
Stage Management Wesley Henderson Roe
Deputy Stage Management Chris Chilton
Assistant Stage Managers Kevin Good
Assistant Stage Managers John Loveridge
Assistant Stage Managers Ian Nethersell
Assistant Stage Managers Bernard Messenger
Assistant Stage Managers Gavin Morgan
Assistant Stage Managers Lizzy Shergold
Assistant Stage Managers Jim Sitch
Assistant Stage Managers Angie Smith
Assistant Stage Managers Mike Smith
Costume Design Suzanne Rafferty
Construction Assistants Sue Buxton
Construction Assistants Caroline Skinner
Construction Assistants Barbara Thomas
Set Construction Matthew Hodgson
Set Construction Malcolm Chilton
Assisted by Company members & Residents of Latchmere House
Properties Buyer Beryl Yorath
Props Maureen Howley
Props Mary Linney
Props Sarah Storer
Prompt Debbie Ellis
Make-up Supervisor Jacqui Shreeve
Hair Styles created by Michael Wray & Gari Corbett
Lighting Malcolm Chilton
Lighting Assistants Andy Hales
Follow Spot Operators Matthew Hodgson, Neil Keane
Sound Simon Crombie
Sound Assistants Kim Hotson, Amanda Lean, Nikki Churcher
Publicity Team Trish Vandepeer
Publicity Team Maria Margiotta
Publicity Team Sarah Perkins
Publicity Team Margaret Collier
Publicity Team Michael Russell
Publicity Team Mandy Matthiae
Sponsorship Nick King
Rehearsal Pianists Carole Baker, Simon Crombie
Bass Martin Wilcox
Photography Jeff Phennigan

Reviews & Awards

What Guys! What Dolls! What a show!

After seeing two different casts in the National Theatre’s Guys and Dolls, the somewhat disappointing film version twice and a surprisingly good one by Wandsworth prison inmates on the box, I thought saturation point had been reached.

But Barnes & Richmond Operatic Society confounded my expectations and astounded me (as usual), with their production of the show, directed by Sylvia Denning at Richmond Theatre this week.

Unquestionably, Frank Loesser’s music and score captures the very essence of Damon Runyan’s ironic and sophisticated vocabulary in the mouths of gangsters and gamblers.

High standards are set from the start in the frenetic New York street scene with John Tustin, Tony Bogod and Jim Trimmer as Nicely Nicely, Benny and Rusty Charlie giving conflicting advice on which horse to back in Fugue for Tinhorns.

When the Salvation Army troop led by Sarah Brown marches on, fruitlessly trying to round up sinners, with Follow the Fold, we have the opposing groups of gamblers and missionaries lined up. But the devil does seem to have the best tunes as we meet Martin Eliffs nervy, engaging, Nathan Detroit, running The Oldest Established floating crap game in New York.

In love with the compulsively gambling Nathan is nightclub dancer Miss Adelaide – a delicious performance from Patti Bottomley, suffering psychosomatically with perpetual colds throughout their 14 years engagement.

Adelaide’s Laments and her numbers with the Hot Box Dolls are a delight. Marie Creed gives a beautifully buttoned up portrayal of missionary Sarah Brown, until liberated by Bacardi cocktails, she loosens up with a vengeance in Havana, with Sky Masterton and creates hilarious mayhem on the dance floor.

Chris Warren plays the fabulous master gambler Sky, who knows his Gideon’s Bible, with style and as a bonus, sings the best versions I’ve heard yet of My Time of Day, Luck be a Lady and with Sarah, I’ve Never Been in Love Before.

Viki Osman’s superb choreography was given marvellously athletic performances by the men’s chorus and there was immaculate timing in Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat led by Nicely Nicely (John Tustin nearly stealing the show).

There were many great cameo performances: from Terry Narey’s Drunk; Andrew Powell’s Harry the Horse and Bob Salter as the frustrated policeman Lt Branigan, to name but a few.

Always a pushover for the Irish ballad, I was completely beguiled by lain Calder’s Arvide Abemathy singing More I Cannot Wish You to Sarah Brown. Musical director Carl Smith gave unstinted support. Malcolm Chilton designed the extremely effective sets and Sue Raftery the excellent Runyonesque costumes. T

here is, of course, a happy ending. Sky is converted and marries Sarah and a reformed (?) Nathan weds his ever-loving Adelaide. It’s a joyful show.

Jenny Scott

Richmond & Twickenham Times

Show Date: May 1994

Venue: Richmond Theatre

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