Divorce Me, Darling

Divorce Me, Darling is a musical written by Sandy Wilson.

Set ten years after the events depicted in Wilson’s much better known The Boy Friend, it is, appropriately, a pastiche of 1930s musicals (in particular those of Cole Porter) rather than the “Roaring Twenties” shows (mostly early Rodgers and Hart) that inspired the earlier show.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Hortense Shiela Fitzgerald
M. Gaston Wesley Henderson Roe
Hotel du Paradis Manageress Jane Kisack
Fay de la Falaise Helen Donald
Nancy Lebrun Janet Simpson
Dulcie Dubois Lizzie Brignall
Raoul Adrian Roberts
Solange Louise Ellard
Hotel Bell-Girl Anne Campbell
Hotel Cook Jane Kisack
Sarah Perkins Sarah Perkins
Painter Guy Pearson
Polly Brockhurst Ruth Saunders
Bobby van Husen Bryan Cardus
Mme. Dubonnet Clare Henderson-Roe
Marcel de la Falaise Tony Smith
Pierre Lebrun Roger Fairhead
Alphonse Dubois Matthew Chandler
Gendarme Jeremy Knight
Lady Brockhurst Beryl Yorath
Cecelia Doublewick Merian Ganjou
Felicity Bagworth Deb McDowell
Victoria Shriveldyke Frances Carrell
Prunella Oglethorpe Angela Sturgeon
Sir Freddy Ffotherington-Ffitch Paul Turnbull
Lord Hubert Brockhurst John Pyle
Percival Browne (aka Mr. Jones) Bob Salter
The Hon. Tony Brockhurst Hamilton Faber
Maisie van Husen (Bobby’s wife) Tara O’Sullivan
Hannah van Husen (Bobby’s sister) Julie Thomas
President Edward Jeoffroy

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Lizzy Ross
Musical Director Terry Saunders
Musical Director Carole Smith
Choreographer Melanie Edwards
Stage Manager Wesley Henderson Roe

Reviews & Awards

Jenny Scott - Richmond & Twickenham Times

October 2000

Naughty but still Nice, the gels desperately seeking the ‘boyfriend’ in 1926 return to Nice ten years later sadder, wiser and slightly disillusioned. Sandy Wilson’s Divorce Me Darling! was given a lively production co-directed by Elizabeth Ross, Melanie Edwards (who also choreographed the show) and musically directed by Carole Smith and Terry Saunders for BROS Theatre Company at Hampton Hill Playhouse last week.

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Show Date: October 2000

Venue: Hampton Hill Playhouse

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