1950s Baltimore. The conservative squares face off against the leather-clad delinquents in this rockabilly musical based on John Waters’ cult film.

Our October 2020 show at Hampton Hill Theatre will be the fast-paced musical comedy “Cry-Baby”.

This all jumping and jiving Tony-nominated musical is based on the cult classic 1990 John Waters film of the same name and was only released for performance in 2017.  This American rock ‘n roll musical features a delightfully demented book from the writers of ‘Hairspray’ and a rockabilly score from the co-founder of ‘Fountains of Wayne’ and the executive producer of ‘The Daily Show’.

The show

It’s 1954. Everyone likes Ike, nobody likes communism and Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker is the coolest boy in Baltimore. He’s a bad boy with a good cause – truth, justice and the pursuit of rock and roll. Cry-Baby and the square rich girl, Allison, are star-crossed lovers at the centre of this world.

Fuelled by hormones and the new rhythms of rock and roll, she turns her back on her squeaky-clean boyfriend, Baldwin, to become a “drape” (a Baltimore juvenile delinquent) and Cry-Baby’s moll.

At the other end of the topsy-turvy moral meritocracy of 1950’s America, Baldwin is the king of the squares and leads his close-harmony pals against the juvenile delinquents, who are ultimately arrested for arson, sending the drapes to prison. It’s Romeo and Juliet meets High School Hellcats.

A full synopsis of the show, and more detailed general information is available on the MTI page for this show:

The cast

We’ll be looking for 12 principals [6 men and 6 women] and an ensemble of 12-18 to bring 1950s Baltimore to life. It promises to be full of energetic dancing, a wealth of fun characters and unforgettable songs!

From the creative team

We believe that with this show – filled with unforgettable songs and a unique and fresh story – Cry-Baby, Allison and Baltimore’s energetic juvenile delinquents will dance their way right into your hearts and those of our audiences.

We are delighted to introduce Matthew Pimm as our Director [his first with BROS] and welcome back Melanie Edwards as Choreographer [tempted her out of retirement following 42nd Street].

Apart from a production at Arts Ed in Jan 2019, we believe this will be one of the first amateur productions of this fab-u-lous show.

• Keep watching this space for more details on our production ahead of the launch in May
• Please note that the dates and venues for workshops and auditions are provisional at this stage
• You can listen to the full cast recording on Spotify here

Cast & Creative

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Matthew Pimm
Choreographer Melanie Edwards
Musical Director Martin Wilcox
Join Bros

Show Date: 27-31 October 2020

Venue: Hampton Hill Theatre

Key Dates

Event Name Date Time Location
Launch night May 12, 2020 20:00 St. Michael's Church Hall
Workshop May 19, 2020 20:00 St. Michael's Church Hall
Workshop May 26, 2020 20:00 St. Michael's Church Hall
Workshop May 28, 2020 20:00 St. Michael's Church Hall
Workshop June 2, 2020 20:00 St. Michael's Church Hall
Workshop / Ensemble auditions June 4, 2020 20:00 St. Michael's Church Hall
Principal auditions June 7, 2020 TBC Kew Barn Church Hall
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