Cowardy Custard

Following Sir Noel Coward’s death in March 1973, the Mermaid Theatre produced an entertainment, Cowardy Custard, which brought together much of the best, and some of the less familiar, of Sir Noel’s lyrics and poems, with snatches of dialogue from the plays and passages of autobiography.

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Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Company Marion Alais
Company Jackie Barrell
Company Pauline Beament
Company Sue Brittle
Company Joan Clayton
Company Alison Cooper
Company Trish Edwards
Company Wendy Edwards
Company Renee Furftenfeld
Company Kiki Garnham
Company Debbie Harkness
Company Ellen HarveySmart
Company Sally Hester
Company Alex Jervis
Company Helen Jenkins
Company Pauline Kendrick
Company Anne Kitcherside
Company Sally Knighton
Company Marion McLaren
Company Joan Skingley
Company Mandy Stenhouse
Company Barbara Thomas
Company Janet Turner
Company Steve Alais
Company Peter Barnett
Company John Boult
Company Len Jackson
Company Paul Knighton
Company Richard Matthiae
Company Jeremy Newton
Company David Price
Company Roger Roseboom
Company Robert Salter
Company Alan Scott
Company Peter Sporle
Company Alan Titchmarsh

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Sheila Searing
Musical Director Barry Knight
Designer David Casey
Stage Manager John Mitchell
Deputy Stage Manager Barbara McDowell
Stage Assistant Fiona Hughes
Stage Assistant Francis Smith
Stage Assistant Joyce Stewart
Stage Assistant Aranka Zsidi
Costumes concocted by Pauline Kendrick
Rehearsal Accompanist David Armour
Rehearsal Accompanist Denis Gomm
Rehearsal Accompanist Stephanie Underhill
Prompt Janie Piddock
Prompt Wendy Taylor
Box Office Barbara Weedon
Box Office Assistant Rosalind Mitchell
House Manager Peter Brown
London Sequence costumes and accessories Alan Scott
Make-up Margaret Davies
Make-up Judith Vandepeer
Sound Reinforcement Philip Stannard
Lighting design Steve Montgomery
Sets Construction David Casey
Sets Construction John Mitchell
Sets Construction Peter Sporle
Sets Construction Barbara Mitchell
Sets Construction John Boult
Sets Construction Jeremy Newton
Special Photographs David Casey
Special Photographs John Boult
Piano J Samuel

Show Date: November 1980

Venue: Richmond Theatre

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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