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Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Velma Kelly Angela Sturgeon
Roxie Hart Sue Currie
Amos Hart Carl Smith
Billy Flynn Bryan Cardus
Mama Morton Lynne Tompkins
Mary Sunshine Hamilton Faber
Foreman of the Jury Jim Trimmer
District Attorney Bernard Messenger

Reviews & Awards

John Applin - Report for the NODA London Area

October 1996

We were privileged to be invited to review Barnes and Richmond Operatic Society’s Chicago, it was a Chicago of exceptionally high standard. Your Front of House people, sensibly delayed the commencement of the performance until all late comers were seated and catered for. Your reception was excellent, which paved the way for a very enjoyable evening.

Vitality was the hallmark of this show, every character contributed to the fabulous end product.

Velma Kelly set the scene for this story – a very strong positive character, she portrayed marvelous co-ordination-facial expressions and positive movements which came across the footlights exceedingly well. The standard she set was emulated by the rest of the cast for the duration of the show.

Another super strong portrayal by Sue Currie as Roxie Hart was in complete contrast to that of Velma Kelly, but was of equally high standard, her sharp repose to everyone who played opposite her in their various scenes was outstanding.

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Show Date: October 1996

Venue: Edmund Kean Theatre

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