This production was staged under the company name of Thorn In The Side(TITS) but was to all intents and purposes a (BROS) event.

The archivist understands that the company name was chosen as a dig at the incumbent BROS Committee for failing to sanction a suitable alternative show at this time. More details anyone?

If memory serves the idea was born during rehearsals for Oklahoma where Margaret Boughton and I played Laurie & Aunt Ella. We approached the committee with a request to do Chicago but they felt it was not a suitable vehicle for ‘our ladies’ so we decided to put it on ourselves.

We met with quite a lot of resistance from the committee which is why we chose the name Thorn in the Side not realising that it came out rather appropriately as TITS.

We invited the cast to play specific roles and had a wonderful MD in Carl Smith. The original director was to have been John Hebden, but when he had to back out I asked Jessica if she was willing to direct for us.

We had no money so everyone involved chipped in to a kitty and were repaid at the end with a handsome profit. I persuaded the manager of the Bull to let us turn his ballroom into a nightclub type venue and thankfully the whole thing was a great success.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Velma Kelly Angela Sturgeon
Roxie Hart Margaret Boughton
Fred Casely Andrew Yeates
Sergeant Fogarty Mark Holliday
Amos Hart Richard Matthaie
MC Andrew Yeates
Liz Helen Jenkins
Annie Marion Alais
June Mandy Stenhouse
Hunyak Sonya Raymond
Mona Sue Brittle
Martin Harrison Peter Campbell
Matron Patricia Vandepeer
Billy Flynn Steve Alais
Tailor Dave Evans
Mary Sunshine P T Barnett
Go-To-Hell-Kitty Suzanne Yeates
Harry/Aarn/The Judge Mark Holliday
Court Clerk Martin Dale
Dancer/Reporter Merion Ganjou
Dancer/Reporter Anne Tustin
Dancer/Reporter Yvonne Sibbald
Dancer/Reporter Barbara Thomas
Dancer/Reporter Brian Picknett

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Jessica Joyce
Musical Director Carl Smith
Designer David Casey
Stage Manager Trevor Marland
Lighting Design Ralph Bramley
Lighting Operators Renta-crew
Costume Co-ordinators Pauline Kendrick
Props Trevor Marland
Props Peter Sporle
Props Judith Vandepeer
Prompt June Torrilla
Production Assistant Judith Vandepeer
Front of House Roger Roseboom
Publicity Anne Tustin
Box Office Suzanne Yeates
Set Construction David Casey
Set Construction Trevor Marland
Keyboards David Jones
Keyboards Ken McCarthy
Reeds Nigel Keates
Reeds Chris Gardiner
Brass Andy Henderson
Brass Darren Maplethorpe
Percussion Ian Hodges
Bass Tim Amherst

Show Date: December 1985

Venue: The Bull - East Sheen

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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