Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane (A Musical Western) is a stage play and musical loosely based on tales from the life of Calamity Jane (Martha Jane Cannary).
The stage play was adapted in the 1960s after the Warner Brothers highly successful 1953 film Calamity Jane. Doris Day and Howard Keel starred in the original film. Music, lyrics and libretto of the subsequent stage play and musical were adapted after the Warner Brothers film. Libretto for “Calamity Jane A Musical Western” was adapted by Ronald Harner and Phil Park from the stage play by Charles K. Freeman after the film, which was written by James O’Hanlon.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Calamity Jane Sarah Trotman
Wild Bill Hickock Martin Wilcox
Lt. Danny Gilmartin Hamilton Faber
Katie Brown Maria Waters
Adelaide Adams Robbin Pierce
Francis Fryer Terry Saunders
Susan Katie Gagen
Henry Miller Jim Trimmer
Mrs Flo Miller Jane Poole-Wilson
Doc Pierce Stephen King
Mrs Pierce Sheila Donovan
Miss Pierce Beckie Stewart
Rattlesnake Bob Salter
Joe Joe Hall
Hank Roger Fairhead
Pete Mouse Chalmers
Colonel Brian Campbell
Prospector Mark Wakeford
Charlie John Timperley
Saloon Gals Alison Birtle
Saloon Gals Lizzie Brignall
Saloon Gals Fiona Gourlay
Saloon Gals Janet Simpson
Saloon Gals Angela Sturgeon
Dancers Clare Burgess
Dancers Jan Croxson
Dancers Cathy Makepeace
Dancers Faye Rogers
Dancers Hannah Rogers
Cowboys Mark Burgess
Cowboys Miles Gibson
Cowboys Charles Halford
Cowgirls Deb McDowell
Cowgirls Nicole McInerney
Townswomen Louise Delany
Townswomen Ruth Sanders

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Lizzy Ross
Choreographer Matthew Chandler
Music Director James Mablin
Music Director Philip Shute
Production Manager Wesley Henderson Roe
Set designer Wesley Henderson Roe

Reviews & Awards

Frank Ruhrmund - The Cornishman

May, 2003

HOLLERIN’ hyenas! As the eponymous heroine in the BROS Theatre Company’s production of “Calamity Jane” says about “Men!”, so I must say “Rain, rain, rain. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.” Yet, in the words of another of the show’s several catchy numbers, while “Everyone complained about the weather” on its opening night, it failed to dampen either the spirits of the cast who played with all the courage of the pioneers of the west, or its huge audience all of whom, along with one particular pioneer who all but got the Deadwood stage rolling on her own minutes before its scheduled arrival in town, and despite the fact that there was no sign or hope of a “Beautiful sky” or a “Wonderful day”, were hell-bent on having a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday night out.

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Show Date: May 2003

Venue: Minack Theatre

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