Cabaret is a musical with a book by Joe Masteroff, lyrics by Fred Ebb, and music by John Kander. The 1966 Broadway production became a hit and spawned an acclaimed 1972 film as well as numerous subsequent productions.

Originally entitled Welcome to Berlin, it is based on John Van Druten’s play I Am a Camera, which in turn was adapted from the novel Mr. Norris Changes Trains and a collection of short stories, Goodbye to Berlin, by Christopher Isherwood.

Set in 1929-1930 Berlin on the eve of the Nazi uprising, it focuses on English cabaret singer Sally Bowles and her relationship with young American writer Cliff Bradshaw.

A sub-plot involves the doomed romance between German boarding house owner Fräulein Schneider and one of her tenants, Jewish fruit vendor Herr Schultz. Overseeing the action is the Emcee, who presides as master of ceremonies at the Kit Kat Klub and serves as a general commentator.


Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Emcee Andrew Yeates
Clifford Bradshaw Ian Davies
Ernst Ludwig Steve Alais
Customs Officer Bob Day
Fraulein Schneider Heather Hodgson
Fraulein Kost Janie Manuel
Herr Schultz Iain Calder
Telephone Girl Tina Lee-Fuller
Sally Bowles Josephine Easton
Lady Maggie Rose
Lady Shelia Fitzgerald
Max Robert Brooks
Kit Kat Girls Marion Alais
Kit Kat Girls Nicky Blumfield
Kit Kat Girls Merian Ganjou
Kit Kat Girls Sarah Pearson
Waiter/Sailor/Guest Christine Gilbert
Waiter/Sailor/Guest Marion McLaren
Waiter/Sailor/Guest Sonya Raymond
Waiter/Sailor/Guest Lynne Tompkins
Waiter/Sailor/Guest Peter Barnett
Waiter/Sailor/Guest Steve Brookhouse
Waiter/Sailor/Guest Robert Brooks
Waiter/Sailor/Guest Andrew Macbean
Waiter/Sailor/Guest Gavin Morgan
Waiter/Sailor/Guest Graham Wilson
Waiter/Sailor/Guest Martin Wilcox

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Angus Fletcher
Musical Director Richard Crossland
Choreographer Peter Barnett
Dance Captain Melanie Edwards
Production Manager Julie Thomas
Stage Manager Paul Viney
Assistant Stage Manager Bill White
Props Beryl Yorath
Sound Paul Viney
Sound Jeremy Newton
Lighting Designer Peter Willis
Lighting Crew Jo Henwood
Lighting Crew Steve Brown
Set Construction Paul Viney
Set Construction Peter Mumford
Costume Co-ordinator Sue Buxton
Costume Co-ordinator Jenny Allen
Costumes The Haslemere Wardrobe
Box Office Suzanne Yeates
Box Office Mandy Matthaie
Publicity & Programme Anne Campbell
Front of House Janet Turner
Bar Manager Jim Dawson
Rehearsal Pianist Nick Beedon
Rehearsal Pianist Mike Carver
Rehearsal Pianist Terry Saunders

Show Date: May 1990

Venue: York House, Twickenham

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