Broadway Pirates

First performed in the late 1980s, the Broadway version of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta The Pirates of Penzance was the brain¬child of producer Joseph Papp.

Re-orchestrated for a band, and with the characters being given an up-beat facelift for the 20th century, the result achieved immediate success. Its plot however follows the traditional fore-runner.

Publicity photos were taken in front of The Katherine May in Southwark by kind permission of The Maritime Trust.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Frederick Peter Barnett
Pirate King Roger Roseboom
Samuel uncredited
Ruth Sonya Raymond
Major General Richard Matthaie
Mabel Lesley Cox
Edith Mandy Stenhouse
Kate Claire Walker
Isobel Julie Thomas
Victoria Janet Turner
Victoria Bob Salter
Bertha Rachel Marks
Prudence Kate Stevens
Rosie Merian Ganjou
Polly Carol Brown
Fanny Anne Campbell
Lucy Suzanne Yeates
Hannah Frances Warhurst
Sergeant of Police Terry Saunders
Cabin Boy Debbie Harkness
Cabin Boy Margaret Boughton
Pirates Iain Calder
Pirates David Cole
Pirates Mark Holliday
Pirates Peter Mumford
Pirates Ron Pharo
Pirates John Powter
Pirates Jeff Raggett
Pirates Kit Stratfull
Pirates Peter Vaughan
Pirates Andrew Yeates
Pirate/Policemen John Barker
Pirate/Policemen John Boult
Pirate/Policemen John McElwee
Pirate/Policemen Jeremy Newton
Pirate/Policemen Doug Roberts
Pirate/Policemen Bob Salter
Pirate/Policemen David Sewell
Townspeople Pauline Beament
Townspeople Mary Fraser
Townspeople Marion McLaren
Townspeople Terry Parsons
Townspeople Louise Stevenson
Townspeople Barbara Thomas
Townspeople Lynne Tompkins

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer Jessica Joyce
Musical Director Michael Carver
Designer David Casey
Stage Manager John Mitchell
Deputy Stage Manager Barbara Mitchell
Producer's Assistant Francis Warhurst
Production Liaison Jeremy newton
Techincal Manager Paul Viney
Rehearsal Pianist Dennis Gomm
Rehearsal Pianist Terry Saunders
Rehearsal Pianist Michael Carver
Bass Martin Wilcox
Prompt Jackie Pearson
Box Office Anne Campbell
Props Peter Sporle
Costumes made by Alan Scott Costumes
Sets Constructed by BROS Workshop
Lighting Designer Peter Willis
Sound Richard Brooker
Assistant Stage Manager Trevor Marland
Assistant Stage Manager Heather Mitchell
Publicity Andrew Macbean
Publicity Photography Kevin O'Neil
Rostra Phil Parsons

Show Date: June 1987

Venue: Richmond Theatre

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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