The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is a stage and film musical, based on a story by Larry L. King.

Drawing from the true-life Chicken Ranch in La Grange, Texas, the original play addresses the issue of private behavior in conflict with public law.

The real events adapted for the musical involved a zealous reporter (Marvin Zindler), whose coverage led to the closing of the Chicken Ranch.

The stage musical, co-directed by Peter Masterson and Tommy Tune and co-choreographed by Tune and Thommie Walsh, opened on Broadway in 1978, with songs by Carol Hall; the original cast starred Carlin Glynn and Henderson Forsythe.

Released in 1982, the movie version – which starred Dolly Parton, Burt Reynolds, Jim Nabors, Charles Durning, and Dom DeLuise – retained some of Hall’s songs and also added two others by Parton herself, most notably a two-stanza version of the immensely popular number “I Will Always Love You”.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Bandleader Mike Carver
Angel Josephine Easton
Shy Hayley Hinc
Jewel Maggie Riase
Mona Stangley Ann Lindsell
Linda Lou Sally Pembery
Dawn Julie Thomas
Ginger Julie Blahuta
Beatrice Belinda Smith
Taddy Jo Wendy Howard
Ruby Rae Mandy Stenhouse
Eloise Sue Buxton
Durla Janet Turner
The Dogettes Nicky Blumfield
The Dogettes Christine Gilbert
The Dogettes Rachel Marks
The Dogettes Marion McLaren
The Dogettes Louise Stevenson
The Dogettes Lynne Tompkins
The Dogettes Patricia Vandepeer
The Dogettes Beryl Yorath
Melvyn P Thorpe Andrew Macbean
Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd Jeremy Newton
Scruggs John Boult
Mayor Rufus Poindexter Ted Cocks
Edsel Mackey Bernard Messenger
Doatsey Mae Merian Ganjou
TV Announcer Carl Smith
Angelette Imogene Charlene Beryl Yorath
Senator Wingworth Iain Calder
The Aggies John Boult
The Aggies Steve Brookhouse
The Aggies Robert Brooks
The Aggies Ted Cocks
The Aggies Ian Davies
The Aggies Bernard Messenger
The Aggies Peter Morris
The Aggies John Powter
The Aggies Carl Smith
The Aggies Peter Vaughan
The Aggies Martin Wilcox
The Aggies Graham Wilson
Governor Rick Ratcliffe
Keyboard Mike Carver
Violin Chai Sue-Leung
Bass Philip Cornfield
Percussion Mike Perry
Guitar Adrian Yorath

Creative Team

Role Name
Producer & Choreographer Jessica Joyce
Musical Director Mike Carver
Designer Malcolm Chilton
Production Manager Angela Sturgeon
Producer's Assistant Mandy Lewis
Stage Manager John Mitchell
Assistant Stage Manager Barbara Mitchell
Props Denise Ganjou
Lighting Ralph Bramley
Set Construction BROS Workshop
Costume Co-ordinator Josephine Easton
Make-up Peter Barnett
Make-up Josephine Easton
Prompt Trevor Marland
Publicity Anne Campbell
Box Office Suzanne Yeates
Costumes American Clothing Co
Costumes Katherine Codrington at Jo Dalby
Dogettes Costumes David Porter
Front of House Helen Jenkins
Front of House Joyce Stewart
Rehearsal Pianist Nick Beedon
Rehearsal Pianist Ian Davis
Rehearsal Pianist Dennis Gomm

Show Date: November 1989

Venue: York House, Twickenham

Rehearsal & Show Highlights

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