Anne of Green Gables

Jack Alcock writing for the Surrey Comet, Wednesday May 21st 1975 refers to the lead performance thus;’Richard Manuel’s Tevye is a towering performance. For those who know him to be a young man, his assumption of the gait, the bearing, the world-weary wisdom, even the vocal cast of an elder is a feat of concentration and sustained observation.’Richard of course went on to a highly successful singing and musical theatre career.

Following on from an idea first used for Anne of Green Gables the society arranged with the Post Office in Richmond for a special ‘Franking Mark’ to be created advertising the production.

By sheer coincidence much of the mail thus franked and received by local residents happened to be their annual tax demands! Amused (and otherwise) tax payers brought this to the attention of the Daily express columnist William Hickey and from this coverage was subsequently seen on Nationwide and That’s Life.

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Centenary, premiere and it's a hit!

In all honesty, I never really believed that Barnes and Richmond Operatic Society’s production of Anne of Green Gables, at Richmond theatre with week, would like up to its build up. European amateur premiere, centenary production, budget of £4,000 – it seemed all set for the anti-climax of the year award. So it comes as an extra special pleasure to say that the show is a huge success all round and a fine example to less experienced societies intending to present Anne of Green Gables. One of the nicest things about the show – and there are many to choose from – is that is features so many younger members of the society, whose talent and vitality should ensure the presentation of another 100 shows at least.


Show Date: March 1974

Venue: Richmond Theatre

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