Sing Hallelujah!

I’ve often said: if you want your cast to leave every rehearsal with a smile on their face – pick Sister Act as your show. When the company are having such a blast then imagine what it will be like for the audiences.

Our Nuns sound absolutely glorious and you should see them move too! We have smooth talking gangsters, a brave but loveable cop who gets his girl, funny and quirky Sisters, funky tramps, stylish dancers, hilarious altar boys (even if they don’t know it yet), a super sincere but secretly quite ‘hip’ Monsignor and a magnificently strong Mother Superior desperately trying to keep things on an even keel. And then of course there’s Deloris: funny, sassy, loud, glorious; all wrapped up in a great big heart.

There has been lots of laughter during rehearsal, loads of fun but also an impressive amount of hard work and focus.

But the show is not just about a fabulous cast; we have costumes, props, set design, lights, sound, stage management, marketing all working hard behind the scenes to make sure we are ready; looking and sounding gorgeous.

Thank you for the untiring efforts of the whole cast, crew and production team so far in getting this show ready and bound for the Cornish cliff.

This show is perfect for The Minack Theatre in Cornwall and if it’s already looking this good in the rehearsal rooms; I can’t wait to see the finished show in this unique and glorious setting.

Director: Sian Bowles Bevan

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