We are delighted to announce the continuation of the BROS TC ACADEMY, kicking off with a new programme of Wednesday night and Sunday workshops that encompass all the things we love about musical theatre!

The committee is keen to add to the existing offers of socials and discounted theatre trips and now every member can directly benefit from their annual membership fee, whether cast in a show or not.

So, the idea behind BROS TC ACADEMY is to offer to all members, both active and resting, the chance to hone your stage (and backstage) skills and learn some new ones too; to give you confidence and improve your knowledge and stagecraft, make our shows even better than before and support people into future production and creative roles.  The regular workshops will be FREE to members and will cover the three key disciplines: Music, Dancing, Acting.  We may run smaller, special interest workshops such as ‘How to be a Producer’ or bring in outside specialists for a one-off workshop such as ‘Musical Improvisation’. These other specialist workshops will be offered on an occasional basis and may incur a minimal charge.

The intention is that there will also be some performance opportunities during the course of the year for anyone participating in the BROS TC ACADEMY who would like a chance to show off their new talents!

The committee is keen to encourage new members and welcome back some old ones, so the BROS TC ACADEMY is also open to our Alumni and people from other local societies, colleges and community groups who think they might be interested in finding out more about what we do.  Non-members will be charged £5 per session.

The BROS TC ACADEMY will operate in two or three weekly blocks of a particular area of performance or production. For example, ‘Songs from Sondheim’, or ‘West End Musical Dance’.  We are currently programming ahead for 2019 and 2020 so if anyone would like to pitch an idea for a workshop they would like to run, or feel they would benefit from, please let us know by contacting chair@brostc.org.



September 4th, 11th, 18th
Dancing with Paul Nicholas Dyke, 8-10pm
Dance Attic, Fulham

Paul Dyke’s dance workshops were a huge hit last term and they’re back this Autumn! Each session will focus on a different musical culminating in a dazzling final routine. Paul’s classes are fun, dynamic and a great workout too! Sharpen up your dance skills, try out new styles and enjoy!

October 2nd and 19th:
Acting with Deb McDowell, 8-10pm 
ETNA Community Centre, Turner Room, 13 Rosslyn Road, Twickenham,TW1 3AR
How not to stress about dialogue in musical theatre!
Suitable for both the experienced actor and those looking to develop a new area of their musical theatre skill set, join experienced BROS director and teacher, Deb McDowell, in two workshops that will explore ways of engaging with dialogue in auditions and first rehearsals. Speeches/short scenes will be provided. Come to either or both sessions – the second workshop will be a development of the first workshop for those who attend both!

To book a place in a Wednesday class:  Email sian.walters@brostc.org stating which sessions you would like to attend and whether you are a member or non-member.  Sessions are free to members. Non-members please bring £5 cash to the sessions you are attending.


Sunday 29th September:
‘Get the best out of your voicewith James Hall, 1-5pm
ETNA Community Centre, Turner Room, 13 Rosslyn Road, Twickenham,TW1 3AR
£5 to members, £10 to non-members
For more information and to book, click here 

This practical workshop looks to address many questions singers and performers ask about their voice. What is good singing? What is my voice capable of? Am I singing to my full potential? Why can’t my voice do that? How do I get my voice to sound like that? This workshop is suitable for both novice and experienced singers who are interested in learning more about their voice and its application. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pure classical singer, trained musical theatre performer or a Jazz scatter the workshop is accessible for all.

Sunday 27th October:
Partner workwith Emma and Ian, 1-3:30pm
The Barn church hall, Kew
£5 to members, £10 to non-members
For more information and to book, click here

The partner dance workshop will cover learning to dance with a partner, focusing on leading and following. We will then use some simple trust exercises as a basis for drops and simple lifts. No need to come with a partner – we will swap around and work with different partners throughout the workshop.

BROS TC ACADEMY – investing in our present for future generations.