Made In Dagenham

Made In Dagenham tells the true story of the few upholstery machinists at Ford’s Dagenham plant who came out on strike in the late 60s for equal pay. In doing so they took on the full might of Ford USA, the British Government, the TUC, public opinion and initially their own colleagues. And won!

The plot revolves around an ordinary housewife and machinist Rita O’Grady who inadvertently becomes the spokeswoman for the ladies and in doing so risks the stability of her home and marriage to fight for something she passionately believes in.

The piece also highlights and reminds us, sometimes uncomfortably, about other issues of the day as well as equality of the sexes, namely; corporal punishment in schools, sexism in the workplace, the expectations of working class children especially girls, the expectations of degree educated women in society, women in the trade unions, women in government, non pc comedians, and American business influence in UK and European affairs. And all this is done with a pithy sense of humour throughout.

It makes you laugh, and it makes you think.

Cast & Creative

Cast List

Character Actor
Rita O'Grady Lacey Creed
Eddie O'Grady Martin Wilcox
Harold Wilson Steve Taylor
Barbara Castle Clair Jardella
Connie Lizzie Brignall
Monty Carl Smith
Beryl Kerry Magee
Clare Aggie Holland
Tooley Edz Barrett
Cass Sarah Perkins
Sandra Bex Wood
Hopkins Andy Yeates
Lisa Hopkins Helen Lowe
Cortina Man Mathew Madeley
Club Singer Emma Hosier
Ensemble Helen Shore
Ensemble Rachel Williams
Ensemble Tracy Sorgiovanni
Ensemble Anna Stain
Ensemble Kat Field
Ensemble Chris Morris
Ensemble Darren Moss
Ensemble Berni Messenger
Ensemble John Paul Sutherland
Ensemble Liam Rouse
Ensemble Spyros Rapsomanikis
Ensemble Dave Shortland
Ensemble Greg Smith

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Wesley Henderson-Roe
Musical Director Artemis Read
Choreographer Susi Pink
Stage Manager Richard Coveney
Lighting Ed Pagett
Set Design Lizzie Lattimore
Set Design Jenna Powell
Sound Stuart Vaughan
Props Jacqui Withal
Costume Zoe Harvey-Lee
FOH Clare Henderson Roe

Characters & Parts

Rita O'Grady

(30s) Principal female role – housewife & mother of 2, machinist at Fords, husband Eddie works on the line. An everyday woman juggling home, work and family she takes on the role of spokesperson for the machinists by default which puts pressure on her home life and marriage – 10 songs.

Eddie O'Grady

(30s) Rita’s husband and Ford worker. He is unassuming & one of the lads, loves his bike, supports & loves his wife but struggles to handle her involvement to the point of leaving and taking the kids. Strong singer  – 10 songs.


(40s/50s) Potty mouthed self appointed spokesperson on the shop floor / has cracking one-liners so needs excellent comic timing & delivery  – 11 songs.


(50s) Long suffering union rep for the girls / single / had a fling with Connie years ago and still holds a candle for her / looked down on by the other union reps / takes his role seriously / solid character –  9 songs.

Connie Riley

(50s) Senior shop steward & representative / has devoted her life to the labour movement and improving the workplace for women / has never married / dies of cancer – solo & 8 songs.

Harold Wilson

(60) Prime Minister complete with Ganex  mackintosh & pipe / needs confident mimic to create the voice / comedy role / solo & 5 songs.

Barbara Castle

(50s) Minister for Transport / powerful role / needs confident mimic to create the voice and manersisms / solo & 7 songs.

Mr Hopkins

(40s) Top man at Ford Dagenham / public school & oxbridge upbringing / unenlightened / weak personality but key role / happy to allow his son to be canned at school / calls in the big boss from America to break the strike – 7 songs.

Lisa Hopkins

(30s/40s) His wife & mother to their only son  / well educated and double graduate of Cambridge expected to be the dutiful stay at home wife / becomes Rita’s ally – 10 songs.

Mr Tooley

(50s) CEO of Ford Worldwide / American redneck / will break the strike at all costs / thinks US is centre of Universe / act two role only so plays in ensemble in act open – solo & 7 songs.

Sandra Beaumont

(20s) Dolly bird machinist / classic swinging sixties mini skirted girl / is enveigled by management into breaking the strike by taking cash promo work on new model launch – 12 songs.

Mr Buckton

(40s) Sadistic schoolmaster / doubles from ensemble / 9 songs.


(20s/30s) Machinist / dippy / struggles with words / the others prompt or fill in for her / has a great comedy song in which she says nothing / solo & 11 songs.

Gregory Hubble

(40s) Ford board member / creepy sexual preditor / doubles ensemble / needs good comic timing / 9 songs.


(39) Machinist / wannaby airline pilot / ethnicity or regionality required / 12 songs.

Ron Macer

(40s) Ford board member / doubles ensemble / 9 songs.


(any age) Work mates of Rita as these named characters / double other roles including as dancers / up to 12 songs


(any age) Work mates of Eddie as these named characters / double other roles / up to 10 songs.

Club Singer

(any age) Small role doubled from female ensemble / up to 12 songs.


(any age) 3 aides to Harold Wilson – comedy trio / doubled from ensemble / up to 10 songs.

Other Machinists

(any age) Ensemble / double as Dancers for Cortina launch scene / up to 12 songs.

Chubby Chaff

(any age) Horendously non PC comedian / doubles from ensemble / 10 songs.

Cortina Man

(any age) Singer promoting the new Cortina / could be a single role or double from ensemble / solo

Graham O'Grady

(12/13) Son / scholarship pupil at minor public school / subject to abuse by staff member / several scenes throughout /

Sharon O'Grady

(8/9) Daughter / has aspirations of being a doctor / several scenes throughout

Join Bros

Show Date: 31 Oct – 4 Nov 2017

Venue: Hampton Hill Theatre

Show Contact:

Audition Information

Anyone is welcome to audition for a BROS Show, you don’t already have to be a member. We suggest that you come along to the show presentation to hear all about the show and find out more about the audition process.
We usually run workshops to help teach what we’d like to see you do in the audition. 

Ideally for Made in Dagenham we’d like 14 women & 14 men plus the 2 children.  It’s a production that has masses for everyone to do and a great fun company feel ensemble show.

You can find a Made In Dagenham Overview, Audition Form and Rehearsal Schedule and Dialogue pieces for Auditions at the following Dropbox folder 

Get Involved

We thought it was time to get those audition juices flowing again as Minack will soon be upon us and then we’ll be back into presentation mode for MID!

Sadly the West End run was not protracted and we’re not sure why, as this show has been a big hit with amateur companies falling over themselves to get licenses. Probably because of the huge range of fun parts across both genders, so read on….

NB: most of the named roles start off in the Ford workers ensemble and reappear as such throughout. So the number of songs listed below is based on that assumption.

We are keen to hear from anyone who is interested in getting involved both on stage or behind the scenes. If you are interested in finding out more come along to, St Michaels Church Hall, Barnes on June 6th to find out more. The story, the songs, the dancing, our plans for workshops and auditions – the lot!

Key Dates

Event Name Date Time Location
Presentation June 6, 2017 20:00 - 22:00 St Michaels, Barnes
Pre Audition Workshop June 8, 2017 20:00 - 22:00 St Michaels, Barnes
Pre Audition Workshop June 13, 2017 20:00 - 22:00 St Michaels, Barnes
Workshop, Ensemble and Early Principal Auditions June 15, 2017 20:00 - 22:00 St Michaels, Barnes
Principal and Late Ensemble Auditions June 18, 2017 10:00 - 15:00 St Michaels, Barnes
Company Get In October 29, 2017 12:00 - 22:00 Hampton Hill Theatre
Show Week October 30, 2017 TBC Hampton Hill Theatre
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