High Society

High Society is a musical based on the film of the same name which starred Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. This in turn was based on the Phillip Barry play ‘The Philadelphia Story’ the film of which stars Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, and Jimmy Stewart. The show features a score by Cole Porter and uses songs he wrote specifically for the production, along with a number of songs from his back catalogue. The story focuses on a wedding between a Long Island socialite and a pretentious executive that is thrown into disarray when her ex-husband arrives back on the scene. The year is 1938 and the era gives us an excuse to brighten up autumnal October with some lovely late deco glamour as we take a voyeuristic peak into the lives of the rich and glamorous inhabitants of Newport, Rhode Island.

Grab your invite, get dressed up and join in the fun!

Cast & Creative

Creative Team

Role Name
Director Deb McDowell
Musical Director Janet Simpson
Choreographer Jennifer Moorhead
Production Manager Sarah Perkins
Marketing Manager Tracy Sorgiovanni
Technical Manager Ed Pagett
Lighting Design Ed Pagett
Set Designer Alan Emsden
Sound Designer Stuart Vaughan
Costume Mags Wrightson
Costume Design Suzy Deal

Characters & Parts

Tracy Lord

Tracy Lord (approx 25-28)- A very bright, beautiful but privileged woman who is too old to be ‘a princess’ anymore and needs to be challenged rather than worshipped if she is to ‘grow up’! Needs to look younger than Mrs Lord but definitely no ingénue! Lots to do. Ridin High True Love, Once Upon A Time, It’s All Right With Me, I Love Paris (spoof) Let’s Misbehave. Should be a lovely dancer/mover as well as a great vocal and character actor.

CK Dexter Haven

CK Dexter Haven (28-30 – could be v slightly older than Tracey but they ‘grew up together’ so not much) Now teetotal and clearly sobered up/ grown up as a result of his car crash marriage with Tracey. Still in love with her. Learning to love himself again. Lots of vital dialogue. Songs – Little One, She’s Got That Thing, Once Upon a Time, True Love, Just One of Those Things. Needs a fabulous vocal, charismatic twinkle in eye, and should be a good mover.

Liz Imbrie

Liz Imbrie (30-35) – Much more practical, (cynical even) writer who enjoys the cut and thrust of journalism. She is making the most of the opportunities modern life offers her as a woman, to actually engage in the world. Although poorer financially, she’s not trapped by the conventions of privilege in the way Tracy is. She is in love with Mike. There’s a sense that she’s slightly older than him. He hasn’t yet fully realised what a great life partner she would be although they clearly have chemistry and he admires her. She is principled but less idealistic than he is, and can see the tension between his romantic creative nature and the political principles he holds but loves him all the more for this. She wants to nurture his talent and for him to be happy and successful.  Despite herself, she knows she is waiting for the day he realises she’s the one for him. She’s sexy and smart! Songs – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Getting Myself Ready For You, He’s A Right Guy, Let’s Misbehave.

Mike Connor

Macauley (Mike) Connor (30ish) – aspirational working class back ground, chip on shoulder, left leaning, who is working as a journalist to ends meet but wants to write for himself and has already written a book of short stories. Basically a romantic in terms of his American Dream aspirations if currently a little jaded. He has chemistry with Liz Imbrie but he’s not ready to settle yet and doesn’t really realise what a gem he has within his grasp. He also has some ‘growing up’ to do in terms of his own prejudices. He needs to allow the romantic in him to emerge. Important dialogue. Songs- Who wants to be a Millionaire, Let’s Misbehave, You’re Sensational, It’s All Right With Me. Needs a fabulous vocal, good movement skills and strong acting ability.

Mrs Lord

Mother Lord (50 ish) glamorous but gracious, holding it together following her husband’s affair with a high profile dancer/performer. Has a 12/13 yr old daughter – probably as a result of a marriage-reviving moment the last time her husband strayed. Decent dialogue. A solo moment in Act 2 (Ridin High Reprise) and important in We’re Throwing A Ball/ She’s Got That Thing

Uncle Willie

Uncle Willie (60 + could be up to 10 years older than Seth) – A comic rogue –once a roué. Well-off, losing his marbles, dipsomaniac, with a sense of entitlement but a sense of fun too. Willie is bigger than in the film version. Say it With Gin, Getting Myself Ready For You with Liz, and She’s Got That Thing with Dexter and others.

George Kittredge

George Kittredge – (30-40) very stiff, aspirations to ‘run the company’ but little else. Not a bad person, just very limited in imagination. Gets a decent solo ‘I Worship You’ and important dialogue.

Dinah Lord

Dinah Lord (a precocious 12/13yr old) – perhaps resulting from some previous ‘marriage saving’ romantic moment when Mrs L thought no more children were likely to result.

Seth Lord

Seth Lord (55ish) – suave & attractive. Exudes the confidence that comes with money and power. Important dialogue, but no main solo – involved in Let’s Misbehave.

Young Dexter

Age 10-11 Small ‘dream sequence’ involvement

Young Tracy

Age 8-11 Small ‘dream sequence’ involvement

Ensemble/Dancers/Supporting Roles

4 girl singer/mover/actors as Servant chorus- featured on and off through-out. Including High Society / Ridin’ High / Having a Ball /Party Sequence (they’d be non/less-dancing) into Let’s Misbehave (where they can join in) / Well Did You Evah interludes / Finale – One could be a marginally older ‘House Keeper’ type

NB: Possibly switch 1 or 2 to be Party Guests for the key choreography sequence if they are good dancers, then they can go back to servant chorus. These 1 or 2 good dancers within the singers could also be included in the ‘Having a Ball’ choreography with the other dancers. It depends on personnel.

Up to 4 male singer/movers as Servants chorus / Groundsmen–featured on and off throughout. One could be marginally older as a Head Butler type. If we get 4, have 2 floaters who switch to be Party Guests for that sequence, then back to servant chorus.

6 girl dancers: Used for ‘She’s Got That Thing’ / Having a Ball Tonight / Party sequence as guests plus Let’s Misbehave /stage crossover as drunken revellers / Wedding Guests (Finale). We need 1 featured female dancer from this group to be our ‘dream’ Tracy for a dance sequence in ‘True Love’. I think I might also need one or two of these girls to come out of the house with Tracy as additional maids after she’s changed clothes to join with the others at the end of Riding High’

4 boy dancer/movers for Having a Ball Tonight / Party sequence as guests into Let’s Misbehave / stage crossover as drunken revellers / Wedding Guests. We need 1 featured male dancer for our ‘dream’ Dexter – for a dance sequence in ‘True Love’.

*In addition I would like to use a young Dexter and young Tracy for a memory/dream sequence in ‘Once Upon A Time’ / Final moment of True Love (pre Tracy’s reprise).

Join Bros

Show Date: 30 October 2018 – 3 November 2018

Venue: Richmond Theatre

Show Contact: Highsociety@brostc.org

Audition Information

There will be a presentation evening for High Society at St Michael’s & All Angels Church Hall on Wednesday 18th April at 8pm. There will be no workshops between presentation and audition but backing tracks to audition songs will be provided in due course. The auditions will be held on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April at The Barn Church in Kew. The addresses of both venues are below.

St Michael’s and All Angels Church Hall
Elm Bank Gardens
London, SW13 0NX

The Barn Church
Atwood Avenue

In order to prepare for the audition please review all the documents in our Dropbox folder.

You will find the detail of what songs and dialogue pieces are required by character along with an ‘audition copy only’ copy of the score for the singing auditions and dialogue excerpts. Backing tracks will be uploaded in due course to assist with your prep but if you wish to listen/sing a long to/buy a recording the 1998 Original Broadway Cast cd is the best one for our stage musical version. You can find it on Amazon here.

Please note that there will be a dance audition on the day for all so wear/bring appropriate clothes. This will be taught on the day and run through a couple of times before you present it in pairs/small groups for your audition. There will be an extended section to learn for those auditioning for the six female ensemble dancer roles.

In addition you will find a copy of the audition form which needs to be completed in full with the rehearsal availability sheet and returned to Sarah Perkins in hard copy at the presentation or emailed to highsociety@brostc.org no later than Tuesday 24th April 2018. We have asked for availability info for the whole rehearsal period in order to create the schedule once the casting process is complete ahead of the first rehearsal to help all involved. Inability to attend all rehearsals will not preclude you being cast, however protracted absences and inability to attend the majority of Sunday rehearsals may do so.

If you have any questions about the audition which aren’t answered at the Presentation Evening on 18th April please email highsociety@brostc.org

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