BROS has saluted its best and brightest at the bi-annual BROSCARS awards ceremony.

A total of 22 awards were presented during the glittering ceremony at Kitson Hall in Barnes – one of BROS’ first performance venues. There was also wonderful entertainment provided by several prominent BROS members and alumni, including a spectacular opening number orchestrated by Jennifer Moorhead.

Among the awards given out on the night were trophies for the most unforgettable musical number, the best double act and, of course, our biggest diva. The BROSCARS celebrate all of our shows from the last two years, with entries covering A Little Night Music, The Producers, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Strictly Miller Magic, Miller plays the Musicals, the Barnes music festival and Made in Dagenham.

The evening’s most prestigious award, the BROS fellowship, was awarded to Wes Henderson Roe, recognising his tireless commitment to the society both on and off stage.

BROS Chair Louise Ellard-Turnbull said: “The BROSCARS are a celebration of everything which makes this society so wonderful. We salute our shows and the people who made them happen, and looking over this year’s winners it’s clear we are an incredibly talented bunch!”

See below for the full list of winners from the BROSCARS 2018.


  • Best special effect – Mike Bradbury for A Little Night Music
  • Best action scene – Wes Henderson Roe and Susi Pink for Everybody Out in Made in Dagenham
  • Beyond the call of duty – Ian Nethersall for setting the fireworks in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  • Fabulous newcomer – Tom Nunan, for standing in during Made in Dagenham rehearsals and providing a voiceover cameo
  • Most villainous bad guy or gal – Edz Barrett for the menacing CEO of Ford America, Tooley, in Made in Dagenham
  • Best double act – Clair Jardella and Steve Taylor for their brilliant turn as Barbara Castle and Harold Wilson in Made in Dagenham
  • Super trouper – Joe Stockwell for helping out on most shows, whether it be taking brilliant photos or labouring during the get in and get outs at the Minack
  • Most improved male dancer – Greg Smith for his performance as Barry in Made in Dagenham. The boy became a man in the most ‘in your face’ way possible
  • Creative visionary – Lizzy Ross for coming up with the harlequin smocks and suggestive Great Big Stuff costumes in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  • Most memorable cameo – Heather Mathew, for enacting a ‘hairless chihuahua’ as little old lady Hold me, Touch me in The Producers
  • Behind the scenes hero – Jane Bean and Veronica Martin for their sterling work in sourcing the numerous props for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, setting up and packing away at rehearsals, and then also down at Minack – keeping everything in order in sometimes challenging conditions and fixing the inevitable breakages with minimal kit
  • Scene-stealer extraordinaire – Jonathan Warriss-Simmons and John Wilkinson, for The Producers and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels respectively
  • Biggest diva – Mathew Madeley as Carmen Ghia in The Producers – “If your aim was to shoot an arrow through my heart – bullseye!”
  • Cheesiest love scene – Tom Cane and Rachel Williams as Leo Bloom and Ulla falling in love in the most syrupy way in ‘That Face’ in The Producers
  • Best ‘saved’ moment – Lizzie Brignall for brazening out her (rather embarrassing!) skirt malfunction on the opening night of A Little Night Music
  • Best one-liner from an ensemble member – Charlie Roundell Greene as Jason Greene for “Did you play Nietzsche?” “NO NO” in the audition scene in The Producers
  • Dressing room helper – Heather Stockwell for helping with make-up and hair on numerous BROS shows, always with a smile
  • Biggest ham – Chris Morris as camp director Roger De Bris, relishing the chance to give us his Hitler in The Producers
  • Most unforgettable musical number – Susi Pink and team for ‘Stand Up’, the finale of Made in Dagenham
  • The ‘Old Timer’ award – Angela Sturgeon and Carl Smith
  • Shining stars – Heather Mathew, Susi Pink and Jonathan Warriss-Simmons
  • The BROS Fellowship award – Wes Henderson Roe